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Пример словосочетания

computer monitor Компьютерный монитор
monitor each Следить за каждым
monitor lizards Монитор ящериц
used to monitor Используется для мониторинга

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Публикации и примеры предложений
The China Post
· Telemedicine provider Teladoc to spend $18.5B on Livongo  
Doctors also see a greater role for telemedicine in monitoring people with chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.
The New York Times
· How to Proactively Prepare for Distance Learning  
Here’s how to get more involved without spending all day monitoring classwork, hiring expensive tutors, or losing sleep while wracked with guilt that we are failing our children.
Financial Express
· Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit still asymptomatic for COVID-19, doing well  
“He is being continuously monitored by the hospital’s medical team,” it said.
Washington Post
· Districts go round and round on school bus reopening plans  
The contractors said drivers and bus monitors do not want to have to interpret health data, among other objections.
Washington Post
· Telemedicine provider Teledoc to spend $18.5B on Livongo  
Doctors and health care researchers say they expect telemedicine to play a greater role in health care once the pandemic finally fades, especially when it comes to remotely monitoring people with chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes.
The Verge
· Samsung’s next folding phone needs to feel more normal  
Its first test drives have to be carefully watched, so that the people designing it can monitor exactly what’s happening.
Scientific American
· Europe's Euclid Space Telescope Will See Cosmos with Panoramic Vision  
“While Euclid is mostly going to look somewhere in the sky, take observations and then look somewhere else, [Rubin’s] telescope comes back to the same place in the sky after every few nights to monitor time-variant effects during its LSST survey,” she says.
Seeking Alpha
· DavidsTea: A Totally Misunderstood Restructuring Case Offering Significant Upside Potential  
Throughout the process, the debtor corporation maintains possession and control of its property and operations with a court-appointed monitor overseeing and reporting on matters to the court.
Malay Mail
· 24 new Usim students from Sarawak, Kedah placed under Covid-19 quarantine, says housing director  
“They will be provided with meals, but they will not be allowed to leave their respective residential units, and they will also be monitored by the residential college personnel.