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civil rights movement Movimiento de derechos civiles
first movement Primer movimiento
independence movement Movimiento independiente
resistance movement Movimiento de resistencia
rights movement Movimiento de derechos

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· Jeremy Clarkson blasts Prince Harry's Commonwealth remarks: 'Got his knickers in a twist'  
Following the recent Black Lives Movement, Meghan noted that silence shows complicity in racial bias, as she addressed her old school's graduating class
Washington Post
· The Finance 202: Banks brace for loan defaults, predicting sharper economic pain ahead  
“The British announcement marks a significant moment in the movement away from China in the global 5G competition, especially among advanced democracies increasingly concerned that the company’s ties to the Communist government create unacceptable security risks.
Seeking Alpha
· My Second-Quarter Performance - Much Better Than The First  
The VIX movement played a part in both the up and down movements of the fund.
Malay Mail
· Sarawak Day celebration to be held virtually, broadcast live from Miri, says minister  
Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin who is in charge of the event, said the number of attendees at the event venue at a leading hotel in the city was also limited to 250 people, as stipulated under the recovery movement control order (RMCO).
The Guardian
· Uefa's forward thinking creates thrilling Women's Champions League climax  
Until the 18 August deadline for registering tournament players we can expect movement.
The Independent
· ‘You are my employee’: Macron stopped by hecklers on Bastille Day walk with wife in Paris  
Some of the group said they were “gilet jaunes“, a movement which led the protests the Brigades de répression de l’action violente motorisées (BRAV-M) police units were first deployed against, according to Le Figaro newspaper.
The Independent
· Ethiopian migrants in Yemen are being scapegoated over coronavirus, UN reports  
Movement restrictions curbed migrant arrivals in Yemen by 90 per cent, IOM reported, while leaving the tens of thousands of Ethiopians in the country trapped in limbo.
Seeking Alpha
· AGNC Investment's Q2 2020 Income Statement And Earnings Projection - Part 1 (Notable Changes; Includes Current Recommendation)  
I believe this quarter has a heightened level of importance to readers due to the recent events surrounding the Federal Open Market Committee’s (“FOMC”) decision regarding monetary policy and certain global macroeconomic events which impacted the yield curve and the overall market “across the board.” Specifically, there was heightened importance regarding the FOMC’s decision regarding the Federal (“Fed”) Funds Rate and movements within the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).
Washington Post
· The Energy 202: Biden pleases some once leery liberals with new climate plan  
“It’s no secret that we’ve been critical of Vice President’s Biden’s plans and commitments in the past,” said Varshini Prakash, co-founder of the Sunrise Movement, which backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the primary.
Sports Illustrated
· Pray for Kabeer, Chapter II: The Pastor, the ‘Cult’ and Its Troubled Past  
“The Jesus appeal in some ways allows for people in the movement to have both Jesus and an authentic nonwhite-dominated religious experience,” says Dr. James Hudnut-Beumler, an American religious history professor at Vanderbilt and former dean of the divinity school.