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civil rights movement Movimiento de derechos civiles
first movement Primer movimiento
independence movement Movimiento independiente
resistance movement Movimiento de resistencia
rights movement Movimiento de derechos

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· Seoul Holds Funeral For Mayor As Accuser Details Years Of Alleged Sexual Harassment  
Lee noted that Park's actions are particularly distressing because he allegedly continued his actions in the wake of the #MeToo movement.
· Asian American members of Congress on sustaining allyship long after Floyd protests  
Though the death of Floyd, a Black man, after then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, dug his knee into Floyd's neck for almost eight minutes in May, ignited calls for racial justice, legislators point out that the movement highlighted existing issues that need continued attention.
Sports Illustrated
· Even After Agreeing to Change the Name, Dan Snyder Still Won't Admit He Was Wrong  
His words seemed like a white person’s dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement, while Jackson’s seemed to come out of nowhere.
The New York Times
· A Colorful Townhouse With Nods to James Turrell  
“We took a note from James Turrell,” Chen explains, referring to the American Light and Space movement artist known for manipulating beams of light to create three-dimensional projected sculptures.
Seeking Alpha
· XVZ Should Only Be Used As A Portfolio Hedge  
As you can see in the following chart, the iPath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETN (XVZ) has seen a fairly substantial rally this year on the back of one of the largest movements in the VIX ever seen.
· Mahmoud Dicko, the populist imam challenging Mali’s President Keita  
Days after orchestrating a protest movement that brought down Mali’s prime minister, in April last year, popular cleric Mahmoud Dicko was asked whether he intended to trade religion for politics.
Sports Illustrated
· Class of 2021 ILB Jaylin Alderman commits to Louisville  
He has great lateral movement, and is an incredibly sound tackler.
Ars Technica
· How COVID-19 transformed Pokémon Go into “Pokémon stay-at-home”  
As a result, it’s a game that’s particularly ill-suited to pandemic-derived restrictions on movement.
Sports Illustrated
· Georgia Tech's Geoff Collins A Year Two Coach Facing a Defining 2020 Campaign  
However, year two can always represent a pivotal movement in the direction of a program, and can determine how crucial year three will be for a coach.
The Independent
· Ghislaine Maxwell tried to 'evade detection' by wrapping cell phone in metal foil, say prosecutors  
But the FBI said they had been monitoring her movements as their investigation proceeded, before finally swooping on her latest location in a luxury mansion in New Hampshire.