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civil rights movement Sivil haklar hareketi
first movement Ilk hareket
independence movement Bağımsızlık hareketi
resistance movement Direniş hareketi
rights movement Haklar hareketi

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· Google Maps Street View: Very creepy scene snapped in Norway as ghostly sight spotted  
It’s possible the cars’ movement as the images were taken resulted in the strange and ghostly photo.
· Personal trainer shares tricks to keep up your lockdown fitness habits and burn fat fast  
But while adding movement into your hectic working life is essential, keeping up your fitness plan is also about making your workouts work harder for you.
· State pension age appeal to be heard next week - BackTo60 plan on 'holding' PM to account  
There were concerns over the purported short notice given for the increase and these difficulties eventually gave rise to certain movements such as the “BackTo60” and “Waspi” campaigns.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Swimming against the tide: The subtle art of resistance in Macau  
She was previously AFP’s bureau chief for Hong Kong and Taiwan where she covered major international stories including the Umbrella Movement.
The Age
· Disembarking in a deeply divided America  
Outside, as fireworks lit up Washington Monument, a group of Trump supporters clashed with protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement, prompting police officers to break up the altercation by pushing their way between the two sides.
Malay Mail
· What trans people need is the license to be respected as human — Justice for Sisters  
It is a license enjoyed by the state actors who are free to conduct arrests and corrective therapies as they please, often without accountability, even while they restricted trans people from their right to self-expression and identity, freedom of movement, and access to redress and justice.
The Age
· LeBron won't wear social justice message on Lakers jersey  
As part of the NBA's recognition of the nationwide invigoration of the social justice movement sparked by the death of George Floyd, NBA players are allowed to choose from a lengthy list of possible messages for their jerseys during the league's restart.
Malay Mail
· Singapore GE: Sengkang residents give reasons why they plumped for WP, including a better connection with its candidates  
Besides him, equity research analyst Louis Chua, 33, and Raeesah Khan, 26, founder of women’s empowerment group Reyna Movement, are also new faces.
The Independent
· Black Lives Matter: Up to 5,000 join anti-racism protest in Brighton  
Thousands of protesters have marched through the streets Brighton in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Washington Post
· Trump confidant Roger Stone leaped over thousands of inmates seeking clemency  
Stone “is not one that I have personally advocated for, but that there’s movement on clemency makes me hopeful that there will be more,” Johnson said.