“Municipality” in the news

Example collocations

former municipality
municipality covers
municipality located
town and municipality
village and municipality

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Essential REIT Evaluation: Residential And Healthcare  
We do believe there is average long-term regulatory risk from municipalities that may try to fix budget issues through increased taxes on multifamily owners, but this is more than offset by the favorable supply and demand picture.
The New York Times
· What Pennsylvania’s ‘Dry Run’ Election Could Reveal About November  
Every municipality outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh has only one open polling location, and the locations in the two major cities have been condensed.
The Japan Times
· Go big when you’re clearing out your space  
For example, in Tokyo’s Minato Ward it would cost ¥400 to have your アイロン台 (airon dai, ironing board) taken away, and so two ¥200 券 (ken, tags) would be needed (a list of prices and retailers that sell the tags can usually be found on the relevant municipality webpage).
The Age
· Filipinos given money to move away from crowded Manila  
The population of the capital region, which comprises 16 cities and a municipality crammed between the Sierra Madre mountains and Manila Bay, has ballooned from about 4 million in 1970 to 13.7 million last year.
Financial Express
· Local governments must have a key role to fight Covid-19  
COVID-19: Pandemics call for the intervention of public health which is the constitutional mandate of local self governments, both panchayats and municipalities in rural and urban areas respectively.
The Rio Times
· Colombia: Expulsion of Indigenous Families in Choco Department  
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Around 1,300 people from the Embéra Dóbida community in the indigenous area of Catrú, in the municipality of Alto Baudó in the Choco department, fled their homes on May 21st either on foot or by boat.
· Meet the Press - May 31, 2020  
But what I would say though, particularly as it relates to Bill Barr and the president, is that they have not brought a single pattern-or-practice lawsuit against a major municipality where there's systemic police abuses in America.
Bangkok Post
· Shark bounty in Satun angers environment minister  
(Photo from Chebilang Municipality Facebook account).
The China Post
· Liberal Warsaw mayor injects suspense into presidential vote  
Ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski denounced the LGBT rights movement as a threat to the Polish nation and many other Polish municipalities declared themselves “LGBT-free zones.”