Haberlerde Murder

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attempted murder Cinayete teşebbüs
mass murder Toplu cinayet
murder case Cinayet davası
murder mystery Cinayet gizemi
murder trial Cinayet davası

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· Yellowstone: Does Rip die in season 3 of Yellowstone?  
As a teen, Rip murdered his abusive step-father, leading the locals to call on John to try and sort out the adolescent.
The Guardian
· Beyoncé's mother criticises US Vogue for lack of diversity  
In June, Wintour apologised to black creatives for the lack of representation at the magazine, following the murder of George Floyd, writing: “Vogue has not found enough ways to elevate and give space to black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators.”
· Last Kingdom season 5: Who plays Ecgwynn? Will Ecgwynn actress return?  
The drama focuses on the life of Black teenager Anthony Walker who was murdered during a racist attack.
· Sick thug who stabbed mother with baby SEVEN times admits to attempted murder  
At his trial, Brazant had initially denied seriously intending to injure Ms Conlon.The jury had been discharged after failing to come to a verdict for over 40 hours.However, Brazant from Ealing, west London changed his plea to attempted murder after the prosecutor called for a retrial on Thursday.On his release from Thameside Prison, Brazant was to spend a year on licence after being found guilty of three charges of battery and one of common assault.
The Guardian
· Invasions and economic collapse didn't make Lebanon's people as angry as they are now  
Softly spoken friends who play guitar and sew their own clothes have confessed: “I never understood how anyone could kill a fellow human being, but today, I could kill, I want to murder them.”
Sports Illustrated
· Former Ute Lauren McCluskey photos were shown to other officers  
Following the conclusion of an independent investigation, it was proven that the former University of Utah officer showed inappropriate photos of Lauren McCluskey to his fellow officers in a hallway and at the scene of her murder.
· Ronnie O'Sullivan ‘regrets ever playing snooker’ and demands children never pick up cue  
O'Sullivan's father was jailed in 1992 for murder and the potting maestro has always been open about how he lost his way during his youth.
· World's Toughest Prisons: Why are there riots at Tacumbu? Inside 'the most dangerous' jail  
With a lack of guards and levels of corruption, violence is very common in Tacumbu alongside murders and riots.
The New York Times
· He Spent 26 Years in a Chinese Prison. Then He Was Cleared of Murder  
A court in eastern China convicted Zhang Yuhuan in 1995 for the murder of two boys.
The Independent
· Femicide in Turkey is rising. If you took part in #ChallengeAccepted, you need to amplify the cause you overlooked  
Ever since that brutal murder, women in Turkey have been protesting for further action against femicide.