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murder mystery
mystery film
mystery novel
mystery novels
solve the mystery

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Publications and example sentences

· UFO sighting: News broadcast captures ’alien craft’ over ‘UFO hotspot’ Area 51 - claim  
And in March, satellite photos allegedly showed a dozen mystery objects emerging from rows of hangars at the top-secret Tonopah Test Range Airport.
Sports Illustrated
· Sooners Ranked No. 6 in USA Today Coaches Poll  
What the season could look like remains a mystery.
· Apple 27-inch iMac review  
Of course, the truth of the matter is that not everyone is able, willing or even interested in waiting for a mystery refresh.
· Rick and Morty season 5: Will there be a Solar Opposites crossover? Creator speaks out  
How they know each other and why they are enemies though remains a mystery.
The Guardian
· Scientists follow the nose to solve mystery of long-necked reptile  
The mystery of an ancient reptile with a tremendously long neck has been solved, according to researchers who say the creature lived in the water.
· The Big Bang Theory: What happened to Vanessa Bennett?  
The actress later appeared in The Mystery Date Observation in season nine as a potential date for Sheldon.
The Atlantic
· Why Joe Biden Can’t Make a Plan  
The result, though, is that Biden is left hoping America elects him on a hunch of what he’d do—because it remains a mystery.
Seeking Alpha
· AT&T Highlights The Modern Problem With Income Investing  
What that saying has to do with a company that generated over half of its operating profit from the content-light, syndication-heavy Turner networks remains a mystery to this day.
The Independent
· Wonder Woman 1984 sneak peek teases Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah transformation  
What Wiig will look like as the character has remained a mystery throughout the film’s promotional campaign, though a recent toy leak seemingly let slip some details about her image.
Malay Mail
· Want to know more about your favourite musician? Podcasts can help you (VIDEO)  
“The creative process has as much reward and mystery as it did 26 years ago when I started writing songs with Jimmy Eat World.