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· Portland uses 'riot control agents' on group that splintered off peaceful protest  
“One nation, one love,” a protester said holding a microphone.
Malay Mail
· India's coronavirus cases cross 200,000, peak still weeks away  
Six other nations, including the United States, Britain and Brazil, have higher caseloads, and in India's favour, at least its mortality rate has been comparably low.
The Age
· How Israel became a global power in television  
For any nation to produce so many high-profile series in so many genres would be impressive.
The Guardian
· Beijing draws up plans to outlaw criticism of traditional Chinese medicine  
In March state media said TCM therapies had been playing a “critical role” in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19, and some were sent to other nations as part of China’s international aid.
The Guardian
· The antidote: your favourite reads beyond coronavirus  
‘The existential choice facing America was laid bare on Tuesday, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden set out radically contrasting visions for a nation convulsed by seven nights of protests over police brutality and racial injustice.’
Financial Express
· China reports five new coronavirus cases, none in Wuhan  
Executive Deputy Mayor Hu Yabo said Wuhan spent 900 million yuan (USD 126 million) on the tests, which was “totally worthwhile” as it reassured Wuhan residents, as well as the whole nation, and will help the city bring its social and economic activities back on track.
Malay Mail
· Nip it in the ‘butt’: Supply of cheap illegal cigarettes causes rise in youth smoking  
“The sheer volume and presence of cheap illegal cigarettes are a threat to young Malaysians as well as to the nation’s socio-economic and health agendas.”
Malay Mail
· Can direct award of the 700MHz spectrum ensure faster rollout of 5G in Malaysia?  
Some have raised concerns about competition and the risk associated with a single entity undertaking the entire nation’s 5G infrastructure.
Financial Express
· Rahul Gandhi's popularity lower than chief ministers of Congress-ruled states, survey reveals  
Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads the chart with a nett national approval rating of 65.69%, according to the IANS-C Voter State of the Nation 2020 Survey.