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located nearby Ubicado cerca
nearby town Cerca del pueblo
nearby village Pueblo cercano
nearby villages Pueblos cercanos
other nearby Otro cercano

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo
The Independent
· NYPD officer filmed using Taser against black protester  
As the protester struggles back to his feet, a swarm of officers descend on him and slam him against a nearby car.
Washington Post
· Mask or No Mask? Why the Guidance Has Been Shifting  
Transmission can occur if the droplets reach the mouth, nose or eye of someone nearby, either directly or from an unwashed hand that’s touched a contaminated surface.
· Turkey holidays: Destination reveals their ‘Safe Tourism Program’ for holidaymakers  
If the result is positive, they will be taken to a nearby hospital immediately.
Washington Post
· 2 inmates make first escape from Bon Air center in 20 years  
The security staff member was treated and released from a nearby hospital emergency room, officials said.
Washington Post
· World Digest: July 13, 2020  
He said that the vehicle detonated and that a pedestrian standing nearby was killed.
The New York Times
· Brexit Border Bureaucracy Looms for Truckers, Pet Owners and Travelers  
If the technology works as planned, while trucks are crossing the Channel, their drivers will be instructed by text message whether they are required to stop at a special site either at a port or nearby.
Sports Illustrated
· Meet the 11 New Additions to the Dodgers' Player Pool  
Selected out of nearby Huntington Beach High School, he’s a right-hand-hitting outfielder who won’t turn 19 until mid-October and whose game can be deduced in part from his personal dimensions.
Liverpool Echo
· Grandad in Scream mask 'disgusted' in himself after wrestling woman to floor in robbery  
Police recovered the mask, plastic and carrier bag nearby on May 13 and a full DNA profile for Freeman was on the mask.
Sports Illustrated
· Washington Spirit's Andi Sullivan To Miss NWSL Challenge Cup After Meniscus Injury  
Following the game, an MRI at a nearby hospital revealed the tournament-ending injury.
· Elon Musk net worth: Tesla owner's huge wealth now more than Warren Buffett  
He has spoken out on climate change and suggested lack of life on nearby planets could indicate this planet and the people living on it are in fact a simulation.