Haberlerde Nearby

Örnek kollokasyonlar

located nearby Yakınlarda bulunan
nearby town Yakındaki kasaba
nearby village Yakındaki köy
nearby villages Yakın köyler
other nearby Yakındaki diğer

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Guardian
· Thursday briefing: Jailed paedophile is Madeleine McCann suspect  
The suspect who has not been named was in the vicinity of the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on the evening of 3 May 2007, and had a phone conversation that ended just over an hour before Madeleine went missing from the holiday apartment where she had been sleeping with her younger twin siblings as her parents dined at a nearby restaurant.
The China Post
· Can I get COVID-19 through my eyes or ears?  
As with the nose and mouth, doctors say the eyes may be a route of infection if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes nearby.
The China Post
· Las Vegas reopening from coronavirus casino closure  
The first to arrive are expected to be area residents, then motorists from nearby U.S. states followed by air travelers.
The Guardian
· How a small Spanish town became one of Europe's worst Covid-19 hotspots  
“She was so weak she couldn’t get out of bed,” Cristina Díaz, a pharmacist from a nearby village, who took meals to the doctor’s house, told me.
Yonhap News
· Yonhap News Summary  
A heat wave advisory was set to go into effect in Daegu, 302 kilometers southeast of Seoul, as well as the nearby counties of Cheongdo, Gimcheon, Chilgok, Seongju, Goryeong and Gyeongsan, starting 11 a.m.
· Federal teams will help Minnesota investigate fires set during unrest  
Protesters and police could also be seen clashing at nearby Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn.
The New York Times
· A Prisoner Release Stuns 2 American War Widows  
Lt. Col. John Loftis, 44, an Air Force military adviser working nearby, was also shot and killed.