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The Independent
· Google accidentally enables Home smart speakers to listen in to everyday house sounds  
In 2019, the company installed hidden microphones in its Nest Secure alarm system, but the addition had been left off the box and the product’s web page because of an “error”.
· Mergers and acquisitions make a comeback as TikTok deal seizes headlines  
What's happening: In addition to Microsoft's big pickup, security company ADT saw its shares jump 56.6% on news that Google plans to buy a nearly 7% stake for $450 million to use ADT services in its Nest home security devices.
The Guardian
· Sunset Boulevard at 70: we’re all Norma Desmond now  
At a star-studded private screening on the eve of the film’s debut, MGM studio mogul Louis B Mayer lambasted the film’s Austrian-born director, Billy Wilder: “You befouled your own nest.
Seeking Alpha
· ADT: Safer With Google Than Against Google  
ADT is partnering up with Google's Nest to provide an integrated set of security solutions, providing customers with a fully secured home.
The Verge
· Google’s Pixel conundrum and Microsoft’s TikTok conundrum  
Since I was only vaguely aware of last week’s goings-on, the things that jumped out to me were a couple funny bits: Amazon clocked Google’s Nest acquisition as having been a bit of a fiasco and Tim Cook forwards along long emails on Sunday evening with just a single “Thoughts?” in the body, truly the mark of a terrifying boss.
· Trump’s TikTok ‘Ban’ Shows What an Internet Trade War Looks Like  
The deal gives Google a 6.6% stake and a new entry point for its Nest products.
The New York Times
· How to Keep a Condor Wild  
Only trained condor biologists should approach the birds or their nests.
Liverpool Echo
· Ross Kemp 'looks like Mick Jagger' after being attacked by wasps  
The former EastEnders star was stung on his mouth and nose after disturbing a nest
The Independent
· Ross Kemp says he ‘looks like Mick Jagger’ after suffering wasp stings to his face  
The TV presenter and former EastEnders star was attacked by a nest of wasps on his nose and lips while opening a hatch to an attic, causing his mouth to swell up.
Financial Express
· Google buys $450M stake in ADT to give Nest a new perch San Ramon  
Google is paying $450 million for a nearly 7% stake in longtime home and business security provider ADT Inc, a deal that will open new opportunities for one of the internet’s most powerful companies to extend the reach of its Nest cameras and voice-activated voice assistant.