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Scientific American
· How to Fix Science's Diversity Problem  
I recently started a fellowship that involves a role in selecting speakers for Rockefeller’s neuroscience seminar series, and had submitted a list of 17 young neuroscientists to invite.
Washington Post
· Covid-19 upends major, years-in-the-making study on babies and poverty  
With $17 million in funding and a team of prominent psychologists and neuroscientists overseeing it, the Baby’s First Years study has the potential to be a landmark examination of the relationship between poverty and brain development in children.
The Independent
· How to mentally prepare for returning to work after months of furlough or redundancy  
Dr Julia Jones, a neuroscientist, compares the mindset of a person returning to work after being furloughed to that of a professional athlete who has taken time off due to an injury: “They worry they may never return.
The Independent
· Texas carries out its first execution during pandemic after Supreme Court gives go-ahead  
His lawyers argued that since some neuroscientists now agree that the human brain is still developing up until the age of 21, it is not possible to accurately predict how dangerous an 18-year-old might be in future – and that people under 21 who commit capital offences should therefore not be sentenced to death.