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The New York Times
· 9 New Books We Recommend This Week  
“She identifies layers of disenchantment: nostalgia for the moral purpose of the Cold War, disappointment with meritocracy, the appeal of conspiracy theories” and “the ‘cantankerous nature of modern discourse itself.’”
The New York Times
· ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Review: Life as Phaser Fodder  
As background music, there’s a continual hum of “Trek” nostalgia and gentle mockery, for which viewers’ appetites will vary.
The Independent
· Glass Animals review, Dreamland: Band’s deeply personal third album is drenched in sepia-toned nostalgia  
That album fizzed with colourful, eclectic characters spun from real-life encounters; Dreamland, meanwhile, is drenched in a sepia-toned, Beach Boys-influenced nostalgia that casts wistful glances back at VHS tapes, cartoons, boomboxes and school discos.
The Guardian
· Victoria Monét: Jaguar review – breaking pop's rules with sexy R&B  
Experience, clearly indebted to Off the Wall-era Quincy Jones, finds Monét brushing up against 2020’s appetite for disco nostalgia.
· Phil Elverum Returns To A Refuge As The Microphones  
On this album, maybe I strayed across the line, but it's tempting to do self-referential stuff because it feels good and it gives people clues to follow — that's the embarrassing kind of nostalgia.
The Japan Times
· Put the top down on the convertible, City Pop on Vinyl event is here to soundtrack your Shonan Beach cruise  
There’s nothing wrong with a splash of nostalgia, but here are a few city pop albums highlighting this genre’s depth — and younger artists finding new takes on it.
Malay Mail
· Café Yamatatsu: You don't have to fly to Japan to visit this (midday and) 'Midnight Diner' on Old Klang Road  
How we discovered this little bowl of nostalgia is a story in itself.
The Guardian
· Pluto Jonze, Jess Locke, Vacations and more: Australia's best new music for August  
This has put him in the uncommon position of leading a nostalgia act still bristling with unbridled energy and new material, while also releasing self-produced solo records hammered out on a four-track at home, in between tending to babies crying and waiting for low-flying planes to hush.
The Independent
· Why this top chef wants people to stop using cast-iron pans  
I understand the nostalgia around it, my grandma had a cast-iron, I have her pan, I took it from her, she used it for certain things, she used it mostly for batter and frying potato croquettes and that's the only thing she used it for and she kept it seasoned and she took care of it.
· Crowdfunding and Nostalgia Fill a Hole in the Video Game Business  
That some 27,000 people kicked in money proves once again that nothing appeals to people like nostalgia, even if the recreation is a little distorted and absent familiar names.