Haberlerde Number

Örnek kollokasyonlar

debuted at number Numaradan çıktı
large number Çok sayıda
peaked at number Sayıya doruğa ulaştı
reached number Ulaşılan sayı
total number Toplam sayısı

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· Building industry stimulus: Key focus should be on housing, before buyers  
Racism in the US is institutionalised, as can be seen by the disproportionate numbers of black people executed compared with white people.
Malay Mail
· Ismail Sabri: Putrajaya to finalise SOPs for religious events, night markets, hair salons by weekend  
KUALA LUMPUR, June 2 — The government is expected to unveil more Covid-19 health guidelines this Saturday as it prepares to allow a greater number of social and commercial activities to resume under the conditional movement control order (CMCO).
The Age
· How The Last Dance became a cultural touchstone during lockdown  
TV has become a companion to many during the coronavirus shutdowns, with viewer numbers surging during the past few months.
The New York Times
· An M.L.B. Rookie Works on His Timing  
We want to really carry that torch, or at least represent it well, represent the community well and be a pillar moving forward so hopefully we get more, get the numbers of African-Americans up in baseball.
The Guardian
· AI firm that worked with Vote Leave wins new coronavirus contract  
It brings the number of government contracts awarded to Faculty to at least nine in the last two years.
The Guardian
· Half of British drinkers starting earlier in the day during Covid-19 crisis  
More than 50% of British drinkers who responded reported an increase in the number of days consuming alcohol each week during the Covid-19 crisis, with a third reporting an increase in binge drinking.
The Guardian
· Calls for royal commission into robodebt and apology from Morrison government  
Despite claiming the process was used under both parties, an acknowledgement that an unknown number of unlawful debts exist before 2015, the government has refused to audit pre-2015 debts.
The China Post
· South America’s reopening and US protests could spread virus  
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — South American countries at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic are choosing to reopen even as case numbers rise, ignoring the example set by Europe in which nations waited for the worst to pass.
The New York Times
· Ruben Varias Reyes, Diplomat Who Questioned Marcos Spending, Dies at 79  
This series is designed to put names and faces to the numbers.
Technology Org
· Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and small bowel cancer – a binational study  
The collaboration with Danish researchers increased the number of patients with IBD and the statistical power, allowing researchers to calculate precise risk estimates and to study subgroups of small bowel cancer.