“Obliterate” in the news

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Seeking Alpha
· Visa Inc. (V) Management Presents at Bank of America Securities 2020 Global Technology Conference (Transcript)  
I think what's happening here is those apprehensions are just being obliterated by COVID.
The Guardian
· Technique Critique: indulgently addictive web series dissects your favourite performances  
But what’s fascinating about Technique Critique is how often our strongly held dinner party opinions are obliterated by the actual experts: that accent you thought was hokey is actually a spot-on masterpiece of regional oral posture; the hacking scene that seemed like something out of an airport potboiler is actually true to life.
The Guardian
· 'No downside': Johnny Marr, Best Coast and Jason Isbell on how sobriety improves music  
“If you obliterate that, you’re denying yourself a great opportunity.” He became an active long-distance runner, and sped up in every sense.
· 6 steps you can take to be an activist, no matter your age  
Climate change threatens to obliterate its beauty, as it's already changing the Pacific Ocean's ecosystem, killing salmon, and destroying forests, Margolin explains.
The Guardian
· Serie C to conquerers of Europe: when star-studded Parma lived the dream  
They obliterated the competition, beating Bordeaux 7-2 on aggregate in the quarter-finals, Atlético Madrid 5-2 in the semis and Marseille 3-0 in the final.