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The Guardian
· Serie C to conquerers of Europe: when star-studded Parma lived the dream  
They obliterated the competition, beating Bordeaux 7-2 on aggregate in the quarter-finals, Atlético Madrid 5-2 in the semis and Marseille 3-0 in the final.
Seeking Alpha
· For Ethanol, Conditions Are Changing And Positive  
Worth noting that on account of the retaliatory trade tariffs between the two countries, prior to the phase 1 deal, tariffs on ethanol were as high as 70%, effectively obliterating demand for the product.
Financial Express
· Studying smarter? How learning may change post-Covid lockdown  
The world had become a global village where global supply chains and trade links had obliterated the boundaries and raised a generation of global citizens.
The Atlantic
· Listen: Is Anyone Else Not Showering?  
But that’s generally most of our approach [to hygiene]: Let’s just obliterate everything.