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Financial Express
· Foundation stone for Ram Mandir was laid by Rajiv Gandhi: Digvijaya Singh  
Don’t allow your arrogance to create obstruction in the way,” he said in a series of tweets.
Washington Post
· A defense contractor died after a bar fight with Marines, and some see a crime. Others see an accident and overzealous prosecution.  
They are accused of involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, obstruction of justice and drinking while deployed in violation of a general order.
· We've been working from home for 5 months. Here's what we learned.  
The signal will go farther and be stronger if it isn't interrupted by walls and other big obstructions.
The Guardian
· William Barr: Trump's faithful protector – and a danger to democracy?  
Weeks after his Senate confirmation Barr cleared Trump of obstruction of justice allegations even when Robert Mueller, the special counsel, did no such thing, and produced a summary of Mueller’s Russia investigation that set an unduly rosy narrative for the president.