“Offer” in the news

Example collocations

accepted an offer
accepted the offer
declined the offer
did not offer
not offer

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Science Weekly in the pandemic: 'Every day you wake up to a discovery'  
Nicola Working on the Science Weekly podcast is one of my favourite aspects of being a science reporter at the Guardian – it offers a different way of telling a story compared with writing a news article and it allows us to take listeners behind the scenes of how we delve into a story, from the kinds of questions we ask to the importance of challenging the answers we receive.
The Guardian
· Nick Pope: 'England is so far away but being the No 1 is something I want'  
The Burnley and England goalkeeper remembers how as a young player, he had no teammate to talk him through matches, to offer positional tips.
Seeking Alpha
· Unique ETFs With Downside Protection | Part 2 - TAIL ETF  
Our Yield Hunting marketplace service is currently offering, for a limited time only, free trials and 20% off the introductory rate.
Seeking Alpha
· Altria Represents One Of The Safest Ultra-High Yields You Can Find Today  
“We expect Altria will use the net proceeds from the note offering for general corporate purposes, which may include repaying amounts outstanding under its fully drawn $3 billion revolver (not rated).
Seeking Alpha
· S&P 500 Revenue Update: First Signs Of Stabilization In Expected Q2 2020 Revenue  
The corporate bond market offers great value in my opinion, as noted last week.
The Guardian
· My favourite game: Charlton beat Sunderland in classic play-off final  
Both always seemed improbable, and yet, remarkably, on one heady late-spring day in 1998, via the Division One play-off final against Sunderland, I was offered one and the tantalising prospect of the other.
Seeking Alpha
· Sector Spotlight: Manufactured Housing REITs  
It offers the opportunity to rent or purchase a comparable amount of space for a significantly lower price than would need to be paid for a traditional apartment or single family home.
Al Jazeera
· France, UK, Germany 'regret' US end to three Iran nuclear waivers  
The Iranian government says the steps could be reversed if Europe offers a way for it to avoid US sanctions choking off its crude oil sales abroad.
Financial Express
· Govt's decision to revise MSME definition was long due; relief amid coronavirus to boost investments  
MSME businesses are required to get themselves registered under the MSMED Act by inter alia submitting a memorandum to avail the myriad of benefits in store for them such as: (i) easier access to loans from banks facilitated by the Government with lower interest rates; (ii) collateral free loans to MSMEs through schemes such as Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE); (iii) various tax rebates offered specifically to MSMEs; (iv) certain government tenders which are reserved for industries in the MSME category; and (v) setting out of statutory timelines within which buyers of MSME’s are required to make payments.
· These vote by mail lawsuits could help decide presidential election  
Most battleground states offer no-excuse absentee voting, meaning that any registered voter can vote by mail without needing a reason to do so.