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Пример словосочетания

opposition leader Лидер оппозиции
opposition parties Оппозиционные партии
opposition party Оппозиционная партия
strong opposition Сильная оппозиция
without opposition Без оппозиции

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Washington Post
· The Daily 202: Birx argues privately against Trump’s push for reopening schools, a major coronavirus flashpoint  
But Trump’s request has further hardened opposition from Democrats who are angry with the president for canceling in 2017 a years-long effort by the bureau to construct a secure campus in the Washington suburbs.”
The Economist
· For shame: A Jordanian podcast is exploring the region’s taboo subjects  
In a recent episode, entitled “You Are My Legs”, Aya (not her real name) discussed the opposition she faced from her family and friends after deciding to marry a man with paraplegia.
The Age
· CityCats step in while Kangaroo Point loses its hop  
The council’s Labor opposition questioned if the administration planned to retire the older timber fleet permanently.
The Age
· Former NRL halfback cops ban for smearing blood on opponent  
As Olive’s teammates raced in to celebrate the try, the game footage - streamed on the NSWRL’s Facebook page - appeared to show Henry wiping the blood from his face onto opposition player Addison Demetriou.
The Age
· Icare queried its own regulator's costs  
he told Labor colleagues he did not want his position to be a distraction for the opposition.
The Guardian
· Rising star of German left quits SDP youth role to run for parliament  
In a 2018 Guardian interview, Kühnert said he was ashamed of the fact that by going into government once again, the SPD had paved the way for the far-right Alternative für Deutschland party to become the main opposition party in the Bundestag.
Yonhap News
· (2nd LD) Nat'l Assembly overwhelmingly approves revisions to real estate regulation bills  
The main opposition United Future Party (UFP), which has 103 seats, boycotted the voting session in protest against what they believed to be a lack of bipartisan discussion.
The Japan Times
· How long should governments spend away?  
Even with higher taxes on the rich — a policy that will meet with intense opposition and arguments against growth-stifling austerity — a large share of the accumulated debt will be passed on to future generations.
· Zimbabwe president vows to 'flush out' opponents  
The protests had been called by opposition politician Jacob Ngarivhume, the head of a small party called Transform Zimbabwe, against alleged state corruption and the country's slumping economy.
The Age
· State debt set to hit $60 billion as virus crisis deepens  
Its opposition members published a minority report that bitterly criticised the government’s pandemic response and the conduct of the inquiry itself.