Haberlerde Opposition

Örnek kollokasyonlar

opposition leader Muhalefet lideri
opposition parties Muhalefet partileri
opposition party Muhalefet partisi
strong opposition Güçlü muhalefet
without opposition Muhalefet olmadan

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The Age
· 'Lack of transparency': Liu calls out Andrews on Belt and Road  
The comment is a direct swipe at Premier Daniel Andrews, who signed up to the Belt and Road agreement despite opposition from the federal government and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The Age
· Big Bash League draft on the cards as CA mulls suite of innovations  
Under one proposal, clubs would be able to match opposition bids on players who played for their club last season.
The Guardian
· With an ailing domestic economy, can China still pursue its global plans?  
But no one in Hong Kong thinks the fight will be over quickly, especially as Beijing’s plan for its takeover of the territory’s political system, and opposition to it, is so comprehensive.
The Age
· Tips and race-by-race preview for Dubbo on Monday  
California Fox hasn't been far away in his last three across deeper opposition, and can roll forward again from the inside draw, but weighted to his absolute best.
Malay Mail
· Ex-IGP Musa Hassan says political appointments fine if done for the people  
Just this morning an Opposition member of Parliament urged the authorities to start immediate investigations into a leaked recording of a Bersatu party leader claiming rival lawmakers could be enticed with government and GLC posts.
The New York Times
· Mexico’s President Says Most Domestic Violence Calls Are ‘Fake’  
Martha Tagle, an opposition legislator, said the campaign “placed the responsibility for violence against women on the women themselves.”
The New York Times
· Why Major Sports Might Risk Comebacks During the Pandemic  
But with reopening plans underway in all 50 states and with elected officials and the public anxious for business activity to resume, league officials had a growing sense that there would be minimal opposition if they moved ahead with plans.
Seeking Alpha
· Weekly Commentary: The Scourge Of 'Whatever It Takes' Monetary Mismanagement  
In a joint paper, the leaders of Austria, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands - net donors to the EU budget and traditionally skeptical of its expansion - reiterated their opposition to debt mutualization and emphasized that any aid program must have a time limit.
The China Post
· The Latest: L.A., S.F. under citywide curfews overnight  
Speaking in Florida after watching the launch of a SpaceX rocket, the president said: “I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace, and I stand before you in firm opposition to anyone exploiting this tragedy to loot, rob, attack and menace.
The Japan Times
· Hong Kong tensions a risk to global economy, Japanese official says  
The opposition has been demanding detailed explanations from the government on how it intends to use the reserves, which officials have described as financing measures against coronavirus infections.