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city ordinance Городской указ
passed an ordinance Принял постановление

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Malay Mail
· Petronas commits to RM1.3b in sales tax arrears to Sarawak  
“Such assessment would be made by the Comptroller strictly in accordance with the provisions of the State Sales Tax Ordinance, 1998 and the State Sales Tax Regulations 1998,” Sharifah Hasidah said, stressing that there would be no discount or waiver to be granted.
· San Francisco Eviction Moratorium Survives Landlord Challenge  
A San Francisco eviction ban survived a legal challenge by landlords after a California judge found the ordinance protecting tenants who can’t pay rent during the Covid-19 crisis was within the city’s regulatory authority.
Malay Mail
· In citizenship case, lawyers argue whether Malaysia-born persons need to know biological parents’ identity or if being stateless sufficient  
The lawsuit against the National Registration Department’s director-general, the home minister and the government of Malaysia is asking the court to issue several orders, namely a declaration that L is a citizen by operation of law due to his lawful adoption in Sarawak by his Malaysian parents in line with the Sarawak Adoption Ordinance’s Sections 2 and 4, as well as Article 14(1)(b) and Section 1(a) of Part II of the Federal Constitution’s Second Schedule.
The Guardian
· First Thing: Lebanon was already in crisis – and then came the blast  
Yet in June, Montgomery’s majority-white city council voted against a mask ordinance along racial lines.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong newspaper staff claim photos leaked on ‘doxxing’ site linked to Chinese travel agency  
The Hong Kong Journalists Association condemned the website last September, saying it could have breached the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance: “Those acts have not only caused nuisance but also caused concern among the doxxed persons about their personal safety.”
The Independent
· Breonna Taylor: Prosecutors face hurdles in charging police over killing of 26-year-old, experts say  
Louisville has since banned no-knock warrants in a local ordinance named for Ms Taylor.
The Guardian
· ‘Death by structural poverty’: US south struggles against Covid-19  
Montgomery found itself at the centre of the mask wearing culture wars in June, after the city council voted down a mask ordinance despite soaring deaths and testimony from hospital doctors urging them to pass legislation.
The Japan Times
· ‘Too many are selfish’: U.S. nears 5 million virus cases  
Josie Machovec, a mother of three who is suing over a mask ordinance in Palm Beach County, Florida, said that she doesn’t believe the government has the right to require people to wear medical devices, and that she hasn’t seen clear evidence that masks stop transmission of the virus.
The Age
· From the Archives, 1945: The terrible fate of Hiroshima  
Captain W. Parsons, the US Navy ordinance expert, who designed the atomic bomb, said he began in June, 1943, to perfect an explosive that could be carried with comparative safety in a plane from the time required to fly from the Marianas to Japan.
Al Jazeera
· Breonna Taylor killing: Prosecution may face obstacles  
Louisville has since banned no-knock warrants in a local ordinance named for Taylor.