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organic chemistry
organic compound
organic compounds
organic material
organic matter

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Corporate Debt Out-Of-Control Or Smart Business: Part 2  
However, from a non-shareholder’s perspective, I believe it is also useful to look at gross numbers to see to what extent improvements in earnings and dividends are attributable to engineering versus organic business success.
Seeking Alpha
· Kraft Heinz: The Turnaround Is Taking Shape  
The high amount of debt the company is currently carrying, together with a consumer shift towards more organic, healthier foods, and a cost-cutting strategy whose results have turned out to be disastrous have put the company between a rock and a hard place and questioned the credibility of the management team.
The New York Times
· Norman Lamm, 92, Dies; Rescued Yeshiva U. From Brink of Bankruptcy  
Contemplating a career as a doctor, he began graduate work in organic chemistry at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
The New York Times
· Anti-Lockdown Rebels Don’t Get to Choose Their Own Constitution  
It is safe to assert that no government proper, ever had a provision in its organic law for its own termination.”
The New York Times
· A Cog in the Machine of Creation  
I remove rather than build, shaping and carving, transforming a stone from its original organic form into something familiar and pleasing to the eye.
Seeking Alpha
· Equinor: Tenable Breakeven While Oil Still Not Out Of The Woods  
Indeed, Equinor can be organic cash flow neutral before capital distribution in 2020 with an average oil price around USD 25 per barrel for the remaining part of the year.
The New York Times
· Alicia Silverstone Wants Us to Eat Our Fruits and Vegetables  
Besides the books, she founded, with Garden of Life, Mykind Organics, a line of organic, non-G.M.O.
· UK electricity plant nears full switch away from coal  
Situated in Yorkshire, northern England, the Drax Group power plant will complete its switch next year after embarking on a journey almost a decade ago to use organic matter alongside the fossil fuel to slash carbon emissions.
Seeking Alpha
· U.S. IPO Week Ahead: Warner Music Plans The Largest U.S. IPO Of 2020 In A 4 IPO Week  
The company saw revenue grow 103% (42% organic) in 2019, and insiders have indicated 40% of the deal.
Malay Mail
· Is Najib the future of Umno? — Liew Chin Tong  
Umno’s organisational strength on the ground is not organic and not as effective as an election campaign machinery.