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attempt to overthrow Intento de derrocar
overthrow the government Derrocar al gobierno
plot to overthrow Complot para derrocar

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The China Post
· Turkey marks fourth anniversary of failed coup attempt  
On July 15, 2016, factions within the military used tanks, warplanes and helicopters to try to overthrow Erdogan’s government.
The Japan Times
· Libya’s double tragedy  
Recalling the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) in his 2014 memoir “Duty,” former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates argued that the United States was good at overthrowing a regime, but had no idea what should take its place.
The Guardian
· If anyone can demand New Zealand's National party pull its socks up, it is Judith Collins  
Teaming up with Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye, Muller staged a brazen caucus coup and overthrew incumbent leader Simon Bridges.
· Erdogan, Trump agree to work 'more closely' on Libya: presidency  
Libya has been mired in chaos since the 2011 overthrow of longtime dictator Moamer Kadhafi with rival political and armed groups battling for control.
The New York Times
· The Fight Over the Future of the Democratic Party  
Democrats have not arrived at a clear answer, which is why the last two candidates left standing in the primaries were Joe Biden, who promised to restore the status quo ante, and Bernie Sanders, who promised to overthrow the forces that oppressed and immiserated American workers.
Al Jazeera
· Egypt: Journalist held for appearing on Al Jazeera dies of virus  
His arrest came as Egypt steps up a crackdown on the press that it has been waging since Abdel Fattah el-Sisi led the army's 2013 overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected president.
Al Jazeera
· Tunisian PM to reshuffle cabinet as row with Ennahdha deepens  
With a cabinet reshuffle, Ennahdha may find itself out of position power for the first time since 2011 following the overthrow of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali by a popular uprising.
Sports Illustrated
· Take a Look: SI Offers an Opinion on Biggest Question Facing Each MLB Team  
However, if any team is best positioned to overthrow the ‘Stros, it’s Oakland.
The Guardian
· How Nespresso's coffee revolution got ground down  
In the 16th century, the governor of Mecca feared it would encourage his citizens to overthrow him.
Al Jazeera
· Somalia army chief survives suicide bombing in Mogadishu  
Since 2008, the armed group has been fighting to overthrow the central government and establish its rule based on its own harsh interpretation of Islamic law.