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electoral pact
made a pact
pact between

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· Macron Hailed as Savior as He Warns Lebanese Leaders to Shape Up  
“I came this morning to help, and I will speak to all political factions to ask them for a new pact.”
· UN tells UK and Argentina to resume negotiations on controversial Falkland Islands  
In April, the former head of the Royal Navy told Argentina to “wind their necks in” after they alleged HMS Forth had breached a peace pact in the region.
· Eskom Pact Won’t Include Pledge to Use State Worker Pensions  
A pact between South Africa’s government, labor unions and business to cut the debt of the stricken national power utility won’t include a pledge to use the pensions of state workers as had been initially proposed.
· Stacey Dooley speaks out on plan with co-star ‘if all goes wrong’ with Kevin Clifton  
In a chat with her BBC Radio 5 co-host Scott Mills, 46, last weekend, she jokingly suggested the pair should make a pact together if their relationships don’t work out.
The New York Times
· Lawmakers Aim to Prevent Trump From Bypassing Ban on Armed Drone Sales  
The measure is aimed at halting an effort by the Trump administration to bypass an arms control pact that the United States helped establish in 1987.
The Japan Times
· TPP members agree to bolster digital rules and supply chains amid virus  
The 11 members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact agreed Thursday to take the lead in global rule-making for the digital economy and bolster efforts to make resilient supply chains amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The Guardian
· From Quiz to I May Destroy You: how communal TV-watching made a comeback  
What is interesting about all these shows that are released both in all-at-once and weekly episodes is a sort of tacit online pact, that viewers, whether effusive or critical in their opinions, will not post obvious spoilers.
· Brexit rant unleashed on UK by Germany as Britain attacked for lack of 'realism'  
The lack of ambition has upset ministers in Germany, who wanted to see a much more comprehensive future relationship pact agreed between London and Brussels.
· Africa Waits as Virus Sets Back ‘Game-Changer’ Trade Pact  
While the continent is likely to lose $37 billion to $79 billion in output due to the virus this year, the pact could offset its negative impact on regional trade and value chains by reducing trade costs over the short term, according to the World Bank.
The Guardian
· Beirut explosion: death toll rises to 137 with at least 5,000 wounded  
“The visit is also an opportunity to lay down the foundations for a pact for the reconstruction of Lebanon, binding for all, that will limit conflicts, offer immediate aid and open up a long-term perspective.”