Haberlerde Pact

Örnek kollokasyonlar

electoral pact Seçim anlaşması
made a pact Anlaşma yapmak
pact between Anlaşma

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Financial Express
· As edible oils pact with Malaysia, Indonesia ends, India should now hike import duties: SEA  
As India’s 2010 pact with Malaysia and Indonesia came to an end, trade body SEA on Monday said the government should hike customs duty on soya, sunflower and crude palm oils and encourage domestic production.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Public returns to St. Peter’s Square; pope calls for defence of environment  
In 2018, the Holy See and Beijing signed a historic pact on the naming of bishops, meaning all bishops recognised the pope’s authority.  Copy example sentence
· Public returns to St Peter's Square; pope calls for defence of environment  
In 2018, the Holy See and Beijing signed a historic pact on the naming of bishops, meaning all bishops recognised the pope's authority.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· The Swamp by Yoshiharu Tsuge review – powerfully strange  
In Destiny, a young samurai and his wife are so hard up, they agree a suicide pact.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Covid Dreams, Trump Nightmares  
On Thursday, as China played King Kong with Hong Kong; as unemployment rose to 38.6 million; as broken dams unleashed a flood in Central Michigan; as the president continued to stubbornly and recklessly claim he was taking hydroxychloroquine, causing sales to soar; as the news sunk in that if the U.S. had acted even a week sooner on social distancing that 36,000 people might still be alive; as Senate Republicans finally cemented themselves to Trump and his crazy schemes; as Trump stuck to his threat of withholding federal funds to Michigan and Nevada if those states enabled voters to vote; as a partisan know-nothing was put in charge of all our intelligence; as Trump pulled out of another major arms control pact; as Mike Pompeo basked in getting Trump to fire another inspector general (this one looking into a backdoor deal to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and brazen grifting by the Pompeos), the cliffhanger president made sure the focus was on just one little thing: Would he or wouldn’t he wear a mask as he toured the Ford plant in Ypsilanti?  Copy example sentence
Financial Express
· Covid-19 effect: Time for Made-in-India tag to go global  
Vietnam invested in transport infrastructure and special economic zones to offer manufacturers access to the ASEAN free trade area and preferential trade pacts with countries throughout Asia, the EU and the US.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Trump in talks to conduct first US nuclear test in decades  
The deliberations over a nuclear test explosion come as the Trump administration prepares to leave the Treaty on Open Skies, a nearly 30-year-old pact that came into force in 2002 and was designed to reduce the chances of an accidental war by allowing mutual reconnaissance flights for members of the 34-country agreement.  Copy example sentence
Bangkok Post
· US 'discussed staging nuclear test'  
It is the third arms control pact Trump has abrogated since coming to office.  Copy example sentence