Haberlerde Parade

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hit parade Geçit töreni
military parade Askeri geçit töreni
parade ground Tören alanı
parade through Geçit töreni
pride parade Gurur yürüyüşü

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The New York Times
· Why the Mueller Investigation Failed  
The Mueller report has been eclipsed by a parade of fresh crises, and its immediacy has faded.
· Princess Eugenie and Beatrice: 5 photos that show sisters' incredible bond  
The York Princesses shared a carriage up Horseguards Parade as they travelled to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s official birthday celebrations last year.
Washington Post
· Sports used to be an escape from the world. Now they’re a window into it.  
These leagues are so inextricably knotted to the anthem — which you’d think would be superfluous if athletics were nothing more than a trivial and apolitical haven — that they are, in essence, making a parade of the controversial demonstration.
· Global Electric Vehicle Cords Top 1 Million  
A parade of new battery-powered pickups — from the likes of Ford, Rivian and Tesla —may also speed up the pace of charger installations in the U.S. when those models start rolling off assembly lines next year.
Sports Illustrated
· Donovan Mitchell Is Ready to Make A Change  
You grow up seeing the parade.
Washington Post
· Things you didn’t know (or maybe forgot) about how women got the vote  
She moved to Chicago, where she urged women of color to get involved in politics, and she led a group at the 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade in D.C. Told by organizers to go to the back or leave, she emerged from the crowd halfway through the march and joined the Illinois delegation at the front.
BBC Sport
· Jamie Roberts: Wales star wants to be mentor at Dragons  
Roberts was born in Newport and visited the Dragons' home ground, Rodney Parade, on several occasions during his childhood because his father, Norman, is a lifelong Newport fan.
Washington Post
· Kansas could elect its first openly transgender lawmaker this fall  
Stephanie Byers first thought about running for office while driving her convertible in the Wichita Pride parade in September as Kansas Lt. Gov.
The Guardian
· How renamed streets in Mumbai's slums are encouraging children to study  
But a local taxi driver would find the narrow lane between the huts in Ambedkar Nagar, Colaba, behind Mumbai’s elite Cuffe Parade.
The Japan Times
· China’s assertiveness is becoming a problem for its friends, too  
China’s People’s Liberation Army soldiers march during the Victory Day Parade in Red Square in Moscow on June 24.