“Parliament” in the news

Example collocations

elected to parliament
federal parliament
member of parliament
members of parliament
national parliament

Publications and example sentences

The China Post
· Trudeau attends ant-racism rally and takes a knee  
Trudeau arrived on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with security guards, wearing a black cloth mask.
The Guardian
· Transparency around government decision-making is another casualty of Covid-19  
Combet – one of Labor’s brightest stars – had burned out during the leadership feud between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and with the grinding effort of legislating a carbon price in a minority parliament.
The Independent
· George Floyd protests: MPs launch UK police racism inquiry as officers warn against joining weekend demonstrations  
Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee will be questioning police leaders and human rights groups on issues including the use of force, stop and search and disproportionate fines during the coronavirus lockdown.
The New York Times
· Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.  
Still, he joined 13 other members of parliament who deserted the French president’s party in May, depriving it of its majority — a symbolic blow widely interpreted in the French media as an ominous sign for Mr. Macron’s future.
· 'Your Pain Is My Pain': Global anti-racism protests rage  
In Australia, demonstrators marched to Parliament House in Canberra, social media images showed, despite attempts by the authorities to stop gatherings due to the coronavirus.
The Guardian
· Global alliance formed to counter China threat  
EU parliament and eight other countries create Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China as tensions rise
Al Jazeera
· Trump's 'this is a great day for Floyd' remarks slammed: Live  
The incidents were debated by the EU parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights as the protest movement since Floyd’s death gathered pace in Europe and around the world.
The Wall Street Journal
· Parliament Returns and Gives British a New Opportunity to Stand in Line  
“We were snaked all around some of the outer buildings in Parliament,” Mr. Clifton-Brown, a member of the ruling Conservative party, said of the vote Tuesday.
Al Jazeera
· CAR court rejects bid to extend president mandate if poll delayed  
In its ruling on Friday, the Constitutional Court said the proposals violated constitutional provisions forbidding modifications to the president's term and providing for the speaker of parliament to take over on a three-month interim basis if an election must be delayed.
The Guardian
· 'Reeks of hypocrisy': what UK's minority ethnic MPs say about Covid-19 death toll  
That’s created the conditions, and the fact that Matt Hancock had the cheek to go to parliament and say Black Lives Matter, while not giving a single practical proposal for saving black lives, shows that they don’t care and they’re deeply cynical.