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art patron Sanat patronu
became a patron Patron oldu
patron deity Koruyucu tanrı
patron saint Koruyucu aziz
patron saints Koruyucu azizler

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The Age
· Moving account reminds us of our good fortune  
What the government seems to forget is that a very large proportion of the patrons who attend plays, concerts, opera, ballet, art galleries, are in fact elderly and statistically likely to vote for it.
The New York Times
· How Will We Remember the Pandemic? Museums Are Already Beginning to Decide  
The Autry’s project follows in the footsteps of the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s initiative, Collection Stories, and the California Historical Society across town, all of which are asking patrons to document Covid-19 experiences across the Golden State.
· Unease in Greece as restaurants, cafes reopen  
Despite the misgivings of some like Daskalopoulos, patrons were happy for the chance socialise in cafes again.
The New York Times
· Chairing a Gala While Stuck in Mustique  
With the New York gala scene on hiatus, here is how some patrons and society figures are spending their time and resources during the coronavirus crisis.
The New York Times
· Donald Trump, Joe Biden and the Vote of the Irish  
Half the patrons were Irish immigrants who considered Mr. Trump a real “eejit,” but the other half, the Irish Americans, thought he was just grand.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus Australia latest: at a glance  
From Monday, up to 80 patrons will be allowed at South Australian restaurants, cafes and pubs at any one time, provided they are split into groups no larger than 20 across “discrete rooms or areas” of the venue.
The Age
· Theatres await further relaxing of rules to lock in return date  
When Victorian theatres do re-open, patrons who aren't from the same household will be asked to sit 1.5 metres away from each other.
The Age
· WA should relax grip on pubs and restaurants to allow 100 patrons: Liza Harvey  
WA Opposition Leader Liza Harvey wants WA to relax restrictions on pubs, restaurants and cafes by lifting the number of permitted patrons from 20 to 100 and abolishing the four-square-metre rule.
The Age
· Push for members, emergency services to get grand final ticket priority  
She suggested MCC members lounges may need to remain closed or patrons would need to practise social distancing.
The Age
· Pubs and restaurants could open doors to dozens next month  
Restrictions began to ease on May 16 to allow a maximum of 10 patrons, regardless of how big or small a venue was.