Haberlerde Peer

Örnek kollokasyonlar

life peer Hayat arkadaşı
peer group Akran grubu
peer pressure Akran baskısı
peer review Akran değerlendirmesi
peer reviewed Akran incelemesi

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The Guardian
· A Rainy Day in New York review – misogyny bathed in nostalgia  
He loves “a cocktail lounge piano” and prefers vintage cigarette holders to the vape pens held by his peers.
Seeking Alpha
· Medusa Mining: Digging Into The Q3 Results  
While Medusa Mining might look cheap from an enterprise value per ounce standpoint to its peers at barely $90/oz as a producer, I believe the company remains cheap for a reason.
The Independent
· Newcastle takeover: MPs urge UK government to take ‘an active lead’ against sportswashing  
Exclusive: Sixteen cross-party MPs and peers have expressed concern that the Saudi-backed takeover of Newcastle is a vehicle to distract from the country’s human rights record
The Guardian
· Contact-tracing and peer pressure: how Japan has controlled coronavirus  
Whether Japan can remain equally resilient and whether people can get used to a “new normal” by exercising peer pressure during the expected second wave remains to be seen.
The New York Times
· What We Look Like  
Amongst my white American peers, I would always be a representation of a different culture.
The Atlantic
· Fans Aren’t Waiting for Celebrities to Speak for Them Anymore  
“As a black fan who’s seen over the years that anti-blackness is literally everywhere, including in fandom spaces, the first thought [when you see that] isn’t Oh yes, these are my peers tweeting to mess up this tag, it’s Oh shit, what just happened.”
The Guardian
· In life and death, George Floyd's plight reflected the burden of being black in America  
Although imperfect, he was a man described as hard-working by his peers in Minneapolis and a community staple and mentor, in his native Houston.
The New York Times
· Is the Party Over on Fire Island?  
“But it helps that I have a group of friends to enter this pod with because we’ll have some peer pressure to be careful.”
The New York Times
· ‘Corporate America Has Failed Black America’  
That is due in part to the fact that they are more likely to have poorly paying service jobs, but research also shows that highly educated black employees are paid less than their white peers.
Al Jazeera
· 'We were wrong': NFL's Goodell regrets stance on player protests  
The NFL sent the video out a day after 2018 NFL Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes and several of his peers released a video demanding the league condemn racism.