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fifty percent Yüzde elli
percent increase Yüzde artış
percent of all Hepsinin yüzdesi
percent stake Yüzde bahis
ten percent Yüzde on

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· China economy rebounds in Q2 after virus hit: AFP poll  
The survey of analysts from 11 institutions pegged China's growth at 1.3 percent -- a far cry from the 6.1 percent expansion posted last year but in better shape than other countries still grappling with the contagion.
· US town grows money from trees during pandemic downturn  
Facing an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent in June -- one of the highest rates since the Great Depression -- American advocates of complementary currencies say now is the time to consider them as a means to help residents.
· Mortgage free: The best ways homeowners can achieve loan-free success  
“The average amount you can pay off a mortgage in any one 12 month period, though, is usually 10 percent of the balance.
· High blood pressure - the vegetable you should avoid or risk deadly hypertension  
Eating four or more servings of potatoes every week could be raising your chances of high blood pressure by around 11 percent, compared with people that eat less than one serving per month, scientists have claimed.
· UN to hold crisis talks as decaying Yemen tanker risks disaster  
Hodeida port is a lifeline for northern Yemen with 90 percent of all supplies coming through it.
Yonhap News
· Banks' loan delinquency dips in June on sharp rise in lending  
The rate for bank loans more than 30 days overdue against total lending by five major banks preliminarily stood at 0.21-0.33 percent as of end-June, down from 0.25-0.4 percent the month earlier, according to industry data.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Swimming against the tide: The subtle art of resistance in Macau  
“Eighty percent of people think the other 20 percent are destroying the Macau atmosphere and phenomenon.
Yonhap News
· New virus cases rebound; imported cases, cluster infections on steady rise  
The fatality rate was 2.15 percent.
Al Jazeera
· Coronavirus 'storm' hits South Africa: Live updates  
The percentage of tests that are positive is now over 25 percent, but the National Institute of Infectious Diseases says that could reflect both the rise in infections and more targeted testing.
Malay Mail
· Singapore’s GE2020: Is a resounding victory enough?  
The party, which is among the longest serving continuously ruling parties in the world, saw its vote share decrease from 69.9 percent to 61.2 per cent.