Haberlerde Perception

Örnek kollokasyonlar

depth perception Derinlik algısı
human perception Insan algısı
public perception Genel algı
triggers the perception Algıyı tetikler
visual perception Görsel algı

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Independent
· ‘The need to fortify your house shows weakness’: Heavily secured White House at odds with its long history as ‘the people’s house’  
The president has been sensitive to the perception fanned by his critics that he is cowering in a bunker and fearful for his own safety.
Financial Express
· India-China border standoff: Articulate National Security Strategy and clearly define approach in dealing with geopolitical challenges  
This issue is clouded by the use of terms like ‘differing perceptions of the LAC’, ‘disputed areas’, and ‘claim lines’.
The Age
· 'We are burning cash': Club rugby joins calls for clarity on community sport  
“The continual perception that rugby's on its knees wasn't true in Sydney.
The Verge
· What a speech controversy at Stanford tells us about Facebook’s Oversight Board  
Today in news that could affect public perception of the big tech platforms.
Sports Illustrated
· Jay Gruden's Rushing Attack Explained: Part 3  
There’s a perception among mobile quarterbacks that their effectiveness must be due to an extra athletic skill, some sort of God-given ability that has primed them to be a running quarterback.
The Independent
· 13 Reasons Why writer explains how he addresses criticisms of glamourising suicide: 'We had to be honest'  
But critics would argue that such a perception is inevitable when you put suicide on television, particularly within the undeniable gloss that is synonymous with teen dramas complete with high-end production value, an emotionally-triggering soundtrack and a major publicity campaign.
The Guardian
· Echo in the Canyon review – hopelessly lazy LA rock doc  
Between the fun bits of gossip, there are boring details of audio engineering, and the stars are allowed to deliver lots of facile observations (Pet Sounds is good; musicians influence each other) and cliches: Graham Nash hammers the doors of perception closed with the revelation that music can change the world.
The New York Times
· Revisiting the Arab Spring, in Letters to the Editor  
I was pleased to see Robert Worth acknowledge the significance of democratic aspirations in the Middle East in his review of Noah Feldman’s “The Arab Winter.” Unfortunately, both Worth and Feldman reveal common limitations in Westerners’ perceptions of the so-called “Arab world” — a phrase that in its very broadness should raise red flags for its elision of differences.
Financial Express
· India-China talks: India to seek restoration of Status Quo along the LAC, say experts  
As has been reported, the two sides have different perceptions of the LAC in these areas.
The Guardian
· From Platoon to Winter Soldier: 10 of the best Vietnam war films  
By focusing so intensely on the moral quagmire, this set the tone for the self-pity that came to define the nation’s perceptions of the conflict.