“Perpetrator” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Amazon removes racist shoe description following complaint from MP David Lammy  
The Tottenham MP said it took more than 13 hours for the social media giant to act before it suspended the perpetrator’s account.
· Commentary: How do we raise sons who will never hit women?  
In recent cases of violence towards women and sex crimes that end up in court, there seemed to be a pattern of perpetrators objectifying women and resorting to violence when things do not go well in their relationships.
Washington Post
· Murad, Amal Clooney accuse leaders and UN of failing Yazidis  
More recently, she said, an international team authorized by the U.N. Human Rights Council is preparing cases against perpetrators of the alleged genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.
· El Salvador police officers convicted of killing trans woman who had been deported from U.S.  
“It is a call to the U.S. and immigration judges to reconsider and analyze each asylum application based on generalized violence,” she wrote, “since, according to our records and reports of forced internal displacement, the perpetrators of violence are not only restricted to gang or family groups, but also extend to state security forces.”
The Guardian
· Killing of Pakistani anti-corruption journalist sparks protests  
“We therefore urge Balochistan first minister, Jam Kamal Khan, to conduct an independent investigation into this murder so that both perpetrators and instigators can be quickly brought to justice.”
Scientific American
· Paired Comparisons Could Mean Better Witness Identifications  
Compared to traditional lineup techniques, the two-faces-at-a-time method led to a less biased and more accurate identification of the fictional perpetrator.
The Rio Times
· Court Convicts Bolsonarist Entrepreneur On Fake News Against Former Deputy Jean Wyllys  
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Entrepreneur Otávio Fakhoury was sentenced to pay R$41,800 (US$8,360) in compensation to ex-Federal Member Jean Wyllys for fake news associating him with Adélio Bispo - the perpetrator of the 2018 knife attack on President Jair Bolsonaro.
Financial Express
· Covid-19: Ensure labour laws benefit both workers and economy  
Amidst battling Covid-19 and unable to access protections, India is prone to a similar environmental damage as perpetrators enjoy a reduced chance of arrest.