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guilty plea Suçlu itiraz
plea agreement Itiraf anlaşması
plea bargain Savunma anlaşması
plea deal Savunma anlaşması

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· Joe Biden used to predict a post-Trump GOP 'epiphany.' Now he doesn't.  
He won the Democratic primary and now enjoys a substantial lead in polls against Trump as voters find solace in his pleas to heal a country plagued by a pandemic, recession and racial tribalism.
· Paris fashion designers make Black Lives Matter plea  
The Dutch brand Botter made an impassioned plea for the Black Lives Matter movement Friday at Paris men's fashion week.
· Transcript: Into Police Chokeholds  
Pleas, your knee on my deck.
The Independent
· Man jailed for trying to steal Magna Carta from Salisbury cathedral  
He added: “Mr Royden wishes me to advance he couldn’t plead guilty to the offences because there was a Russian flag on the cathedral at some point and he didn’t feel he could advance a guilty plea because that may implicate him as a Russian spy because of Theresa May.”
· America still doesn’t have enough N95 masks  
James Madara, the AMA’s CEO and executive vice president, raised the alarm about “growing concern” from doctors about shortages and said that despite pleas to Congress, “a remedy remains elusive.” In fact, the problem in outpatient medical facilities was bad enough that Madara also sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, asking the administration to invoke the Defense Production Act.
· James Jordan and Ola Jordan open up on baby’s ‘worrying’ health scare: ‘Made things worse'  
READ MORE... James Jordan issues urgent plea after scare with baby 'I'm worried'
Liverpool Echo
· Former soldier who sent naked photo of ex to 'horrified' mum spared jail  
Mr Brown submitted that the offence should fall into the lower category of culpability as McLaren entered a prompt guilty plea and has no similar convictions.
· The past 24 hours in Trump legal issues and controversies, explained  
Flynn reiterated his guilty plea at his initial sentencing hearing in December 2018.
Liverpool Echo
· Man 'forced to sell cannabis' found with thousands of pounds worth of drugs in home  
A plea was made for Dylan Jones not to have a long sentence because of the coronavirus crisis
· Medical experts: Floyd's speech didn't mean he could breathe  
Pantaleo’s defenders have included Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican, who said at the time that police were right to ignore Garner’s pleas that he couldn’t breathe.