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pledge allegiance

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The New York Times
· Minneapolis, Barack Obama, E-Bikes: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing  
Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to allow nearly three million people from Hong Kong to live in Britain, if China were to impose a new security law there.
The China Post
· UN envoy holds cease-fire talks with Libya’s eastern forces  
Eastern-based forces under Hifter launched an offensive trying to take Tripoli in April 2019, and the turmoil in the oil-rich country has steadily worsened as foreign backers increasingly intervened despite pledges to the contrary at a high-profile peace summit in Berlin earlier this year.
The New York Times
· Trump's Use of the Insurrection Act May Be a Final Straw for the Military  
These were down payments on his pledge to use the nation’s armed forces to quash the nationwide protests triggered by the death of George Floyd, if the president is not satisfied with state and local efforts.
Seeking Alpha
· Summit Midstream: Review Of The Debt Situation, Simplification Shenanigans  
While that might seem odd, it is understandable, because at the time the collateral of the pledged assets (34.6mm in shares, GP interest) had implied values well in excess of the Term Loan.
· Want to Be an Ally to the Black Community? First: Put Down Your Phone  
Yesterday, my Instagram feed was an endless scroll of unadorned black boxes posted by white and nonblack users who pledged to “listen,” “learn,” and “make space” for Black voices to be heard.
The Guardian
· Tottenham reveal unnamed player has tested positive for coronavirus  
The league has pledged to make public the results of the tests in the interests of transparency and the aggregated numbers now show that there have been 13 positives from 5,073 people screened.
· Samuel Ross of A-Cold-Wall Is Offering Grants for Black-Owned Businesses  
Its founder, Samuel Ross, pledged yesterday on Instagram to offer £25,000 ($31,000) to support black-owned businesses across 10 individual grants, along with a £10,000 ($12,500) donation in financial aid to Black Lives Matter.
Al Jazeera
· George Floyd: UN rights boss slams 'structural racism' in US  
It came as US President Donald Trump rejected criticism over his use of force to break up a peaceful rally in Washington, DC and pledged to order a military crackdown on protests.
· Department of Transportation ban leaves fate of Chinese students in U.S. uncertain  
He noted that the Chinese government had chartered planes to bring its citizens home and had pledged “to protect and assist Chinese nationals wherever they are.”
The New York Times
· Former U.A.W. President Gary Jones Pleads Guilty  
The union’s president, Rory Gamble, has apologized for its failings and has pledged to reform it.