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pole position
pole positions
pole vault
pole vaulter
won the pole

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Airline Round-Up In Coronavirus  
The long pole at that point will be retraining pilots and recertifying aircraft: it is not a simple or short process to return a pilot or airplane to revenue flying, following an extended absence.
The Age
· If you want seriously toned abs, stop doing sit-ups  
You can also do it standing or – if you don't have a cable machine handy – with a resistance band looped around a pole.
The New York Times
· Run the Jewels Is Rewriting Rap’s Rules  
We’re looking for the North Pole.”
Financial Express
· Amphan timely lesson for states to modernise infrastructure, focus on disaster governance: NDRF chief  
The fierce winds blew away shanties, flattened kutcha houses and uprooted thousands of trees and electric poles.
The Independent
· 9 best swing sets that will bring all the fun of the park to your garden  
It doesn’t come cheap, but the premium round pole timber gives the feel of a tree trunk, looking much more natural in the garden than other brands.
The New York Times
· She Fed Her Sick Flock During the 1918 Pandemic. Her Legacy Lives On.  
The global influenza of 1918 and 1919 had made its way into a small house in County Kerry, miles beyond the last electric pole.
Financial Express
· Cyclone Amphan: Parts of Kolkata limp back to normalcy  
Large areas of the city continue to remain without power as electric poles and communication lines had been blown away by gusting winds.
· On this day... May 27  
Ricciardo started on pole position and despite complaining about a loss of power in his car early in the race, he managed to finish ahead of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.
Financial Express
· Earth's magnetic North pole is shifting! Here's why the Trans-Siberian North Pole journey means a lot for earth  
There is a turf war out there to control the location of Earth’s north magnetic pole.
The Guardian
· Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit rocket test launch fails  
The rocket was supposed to fall for a few seconds before the first of its two stages ignited and propelled it down the coast toward the south pole for insertion of its demonstration payload into a low Earth orbit.