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· 'I'm not a communist': Potential Biden running mate Rep. Bass reassures Cuban American voters  
Recent polls show President Donald Trump is lagging there.
· Wall Street is Torn On Biden  
Wall Street is starting to envision the country under Joe Biden, as Trump’s poll numbers continue to sink (Source: QuickTake)
· Queen Elizabeth II backed for Buckingham Palace return -She will go where her laws permit  
A poll, which ran from 3pm to 11pm on August 3, asked, ‘Will 'devastated' Queen ever go back to Buckingham Palace?’
· Budenholzer, Donovan share 'Coach of the Year' award  
Nurse polled just one vote fewer than Budenholzer and Donovan.
· The American dream while Black: 'Locked in a vicious cycle'  
During the Great Recession, a 2007 Rasmussen poll found that 54 percent of Americans believed greedy, dishonest borrowers were to blame for the last housing crisis.
Washington Post
· Vote-by-mail works, if you work it  
Whether we exercise our civic duty in person at our local polling site or cast our vote on a vote-by-mail ballot, we must ensure our voices are heard and democracy works.
Yonhap News
· Most S. Koreans support alliance with U.S. despite tensions: poll  
WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 (Yonhap) -- Most South Koreans expressed support for the South Korea-U.S. alliance despite ongoing tensions over burden-sharing, a new poll found Monday.
Washington Post
· What we don’t know about what to expect on Election Day  
In nearly every election in recent years, undue attention has been paid to the results that come in from polling places.
The Age
· Teachers protest reopening of US schools while coronavirus lurks  
Trailing Democratic candidate Joe Biden in opinion polls, President Donald Trump has made school reopenings for classroom instruction in August and September part of his November re-election campaign.
Washington Post
· More Americans say the U.S. is blowing it on coronavirus. Trump voters disagree.  
In fact, new polling exposes a striking version of this dynamic: While Americans increasingly believe that the United States is handling the novel coronavirus worse than most other countries, pluralities of Trump voters and Republicans think the United States is handling it better than most other countries are.