“Pollute” in the news

Publications and example sentences

Washington Post
· Jane Goodall became a champion for chimpanzees. It started with a 10-year-old’s dream.  
“Hopefully, enough millions of people from the big cities will for the first time have the joy of breathing clean air and seeing the stars in the night sky,” she says, “and they won’t want to go back to the old polluted ways.”
Washington Post
· Major oil and gas pipeline projects, backed by Trump, flounder as opponents prevail in court  
Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency also proposed limiting the ability of states and tribes to block pipelines and other infrastructure projects that could pollute their waterways.
Malay Mail
· Gas boom risks 'perfect storm' for climate, economy, says report  
While its proponents push LNG as a “bridge fuel” because it is less polluting than coal, a new gas-fired power plant has roughly the same environmental impact as a new coal plant, given the leakage of methane throughout the supply line.
The Atlantic
· Harry Potter and the Desperate Urge for the World to Be Simple  
They have long resented Rowling’s continued involvement in the Potter universe, which pollutes their pristine childhood memories of the work.
The New York Times
· Dakota Access Pipeline to Shut Down Pending Review, Federal Judge Rules  
Members of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is less than a mile from the pipeline, have long argued that a spill under the nearby Missouri River could pollute the water they rely on for fishing, drinking and religious ceremonies.
The Economist
· Business: The United Nations of Uniqlo  
The fashion industry accounts for some 8% of greenhouse-gas emissions, making it the world’s most polluting industry after oil, according to a report by Quantis, a consultancy, in 2018.
The Guardian
· UK car sales weakest since 1971; US service sector strengthens - as it happened  
This drop in new vehicles sounds like good news for the environment (although it could mean that some older, more polluting vans are still trundling around).
Financial Express
· Renewable Power Could be the New Holy Grail for Investors  
According to the US Energy Information Administration, coal pollutes way more than natural gas, producing twice as much carbon dioxide.