Haberlerde Pollute

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· US court refuses to shield Volkswagen in diesel scandal lawsuits  
The two counties each have penalties of US$5,000 per day for tampering violations and had a combined total of at least 6,100 polluting VW diesel vehicles.
Seeking Alpha
· An Investment-Led Economic Recovery  
In Europe, for example, conveyor belts of polluting trucks are required to transport parts from one process in one country to another country for another process then onto another.
The Independent
· As we start to rebuild the economy – we owe future generations a clean recovery that delivers for both people and planet  
Between laying the foundations for sound, sustainable and inclusive growth or locking-in polluting emissions for decades to come
Financial Express
· Government's locust control policy focuses on chemical spray alone: Farm expert  
There is no doubt that the locust attack is a menace that cannot be ignored, but along with locust control, it must also be ensured that the control measures do not pollute air, water, environment and food chain, he said.
The Guardian
· Lockdown in Dhaka: where social distancing is an illusion  
In this densely populated city of 21 million, the main roads are empty, the sounds of horns have disappeared and the polluted sky has cleared.
The Guardian
· ‘For climate protesters, we are like filth’: the German village where coal is still king  
Boxberg was East Germany’s biggest power station and climate campaigners now rank it high among the “dirty 30” of Europe’s most polluting.
The China Post
· Dispatches from Yosemite: Alone with the bears and beauty  
It’s actually affecting the beautiful rivers in a good way because people aren’t polluting them.”
The Japan Times
· ‘Water is life’: COVID-19 exposes chronic crisis in Navajo Nation  
While windmills dot the landscape, there are other good reasons to avoid them: many are polluted with microbes, or even radiation — the result of contamination from some 521 abandoned uranium mines.
The China Post
· Italy’s seas speak: No tourists or boats mean cleaner water  
Off Italy’s coasts, which are popular and occasionally polluted, there are visible effects of the lockdown.
The Guardian
· Wagner’s Parsifal by Roger Scruton review – in defence of the insufferable  
Scruton writes: “In our polluted passions, seeking pleasure and excitement rather than respect and love, we scorn the Redeemer’s suffering and surrender to the basest form of control.”