“Pose” in the news

Example collocations

not pose
pose a risk
pose a threat

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Sydney film festival's isolation edition: from climate devastation to killer jellyfish  
Nominated for the Grand Jury prize at this year’s Sundance film festival, Swedish filmmaker Amanda Kernell’s sophomore feature poses an intriguing question: what if a mother abducted her own children?  Copy example sentence
· Riot police surround Hong Kong legislature ahead of flashpoint anthem debate  
The proposed new national security laws have triggered the first big street unrest in Hong Kong since last year, when violent protests posed Hong Kong's biggest crisis since the return of Chinese rule in 1997 from Britain.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Will Twitter Draw a Line for Trump?  
Twitter has had no problem removing average users who perpetuate disinformation, but heads of state seem to really pose a problem for them.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Renault and Nissan rebuild alliance to ride out Covid-19 storm  
Working together has posed challenges to Renault, Nissan and junior partner Mitsubishi, which joined the alliance in 2016, due to differences in corporate cultures and simmering tensions over the Alliance's capital structure.  Copy example sentence
· Virtual Minecraft protest demands Microsoft address the game’s sexual predator problem  
With millions of children at home due to school closures during the coronavirus pandemic, the risk sexual predators pose to children playing games online has increased dramatically.  Copy example sentence
· “Human capital stock”: White House adviser Kevin Hassett uses dehumanizing term for US workers  
But even if one is inclined to interpret the “human capital stock” remark in a benign manner, it’s worth noting that the point he was trying to make — namely that Americans are eager to return to work despite the dangers posed by Covid-19 — actually contradicts the available evidence.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· 8@eight: ASX set to fall, $A soars  
It poses a big risk to the current bull market narrative, given the rebound in global equities has driven in large part by tech-sector strength.  Copy example sentence
BBC Sport
· Coronavirus: 'Many clubs will collapse', warns Weah  
And Weah told a special conference for Africa Sports Ventures Group that this, coupled with a likely large drop-off in sponsorship as companies reduce spending in the wake of coronavirus-inflicted losses, poses a huge threat not just to individual sporting clubs right across the continent, but also the very league structures in which they exist.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· A Car Salesman, a Macedonian Ex-Minister and a $45 Million Mask Scheme  
It says he posed as an authorized 3M dealer and offered to sell the city seven million masks at a more than 400 percent markup from their list price.  Copy example sentence