“Pose” in the news

Example collocations

not pose
pose a risk
pose a threat

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· ‘Say her name’: Breonna Taylor and the underreported scourge of police violence against black women  
“Breonna had committed no crime, posed no immediate threat to the safety of the defendants, and did not actively resist or attempt to evade arrest prior to being repeatedly shot and killed by the defendants,” the lawsuit says.
The New York Times
· Why Black Lives Matter Has New Momentum  
Our social feeds have become like security cameras grids, each with images of a dystopia: in a park in the nation’s capital, peaceful protesters dispersed with chemical irritants and smoke canisters, clearing a path for the president who then posed for a photograph nearby.
The Verge
· Instacart tweaks tipping system after tip-baiting outcry  
But amid the pandemic, a new customer-side behavior on the Insatacart platform, tip-baiting, began posing serious risks to Instacart shoppers.
The New York Times
· As Images of Pain Flood TV, ‘Where Is Our Leader?’  
And posing outside the church was on brand for a president who is neither much of a churchgoer nor very conversant with what’s between the Bible’s covers, but who once reminisced about watching Billy Graham “for hours and hours” on TV with his father.
Financial Express
· MSP hike augurs well for cotton sowing but poses a threat to spinners: Icra  
In this context, the locust swarm which entered India in mid-May 2020 and has hit several parts of western and northern India including Rajasthan, pose a looming threat for the crops as these insects feed on a large variety of crops.
The Atlantic
· Curfews and Arrests Will Inflame the Pandemic  
Public-health officials across the country have emphasized the unique danger that a deadly respiratory virus poses to crowded prisons.
· CDC report on COVID-19 cleaning practices finds some gargling with bleach. That's very dangerous.  
A Tennessee judge ruled Thursday that all eligible voters in the state could apply for a mail-in ballot because of dangers posed by the coronavirus.
The Verge
· ‘Antifa bus’ hoaxes are spreading panic through small-town America  
NBC News first reported on the recent surge of antifa-related misinformation, some of which was promoted by white nationalist groups posing as antifa accounts.
Sports Illustrated
· UFC 250 Marks Another Showcase for Amanda Nunes to Dominate  
If Nunes wins, that poses a unique problem for the UFC, as Spencer is the last serious challenger for Nunes.