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less potent Menos potente
more potent Más potente
most potent Más potente

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· Ammonium nitrate: fertilizer behind many industrial accidents  
When combined with fuel oils, ammonium nitrate creates a potent explosive widely used by the construction industry, but also by insurgent groups like the Taliban for improvised explosives.
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· iCAD, Inc. (ICAD) CEO Michael Klein on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Just because as we look at those data, I think that they strike me as very, very potent given that the control arm, the clock has stopped running and, in the doc, arm it's obviously still going most recently for personal half the cohort.
The Guardian
· 'Our identity has been robbed': life in Kashmir after a year of crisis  
Sitting in his home in north Kashmir’s Tilgam, the village known for producing generations of poets, Tilgami said he would keep writing poetry that documented the despair still so potent in Kashmir, even though he has been repeatedly threatened with arrest by security agencies.
The Age
· 'Every single word was a struggle': Stephenie Meyer on new Twilight novel  
His anxiety combined with mine was potent.
Washington Post
· D.C. debates whether low-income students should get preference in the school lottery system  
If the at-risk preference were placed ahead of sibling preference — an often potent lottery preference that gives children with siblings at a school priority for a slot — the study found that at-risk students would have a 71 percent chance of entering these schools.
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· Bio-Techne's (TECH) CEO Chuck Kummeth on Q4 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
This assay is designed to meet the current vaccine developer needs for object – for an objective measurement of immune response to a vaccine, making the test ideal for identifying the most potent vaccine candidates, determining optimal dosing, identifying the appropriate vaccine schedule and when boosters may be needed.
Washington Post
· India marks another day of erasure and insult against its Muslim citizens  
Modi has used Hindu-Muslim polarization as a potent tool to channel the anger of India’s middle class.
The New York Times
· Novavax's New Covid-19 Vaccine Studies Praised By Scientists  
Studies on mice had previously shown that the adjuvant stimulates immune cells so that they develop a potent response to the virus.
Sports Illustrated
· Part 2: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Spider Gaines  
Yet at 1 a.m., he let four high school friends into his room and they proceeded to party uninterrupted until the morning hours on a potent mix of cocaine, marijuana and beer.
Bleacher Report
· Fantasy Football Blueprint: Positions, Players to Target and Avoid  
The Cardinals should field a potent offense in 2020.