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action potential Aksiyon potansiyeli
full potential Tam potansiyel
great potential Harika potansiyel
potential energy Potansiyel enerji
potential to yield Verim potansiyeli

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Technology Org
· Diet, gut microbes affect effectiveness of cancer treatment, research reveals  
The researchers suggest that the complexity of the interactions among drug, host and microbiome is likely “astronomical.” Much more study is needed, but the resulting understanding, they say, will help doctors “realize the full therapeutic potential of the microbiota.”
Seeking Alpha
· 'Smart Beta' Means Many Things To Many People, But It's Time Now To Revive The Classic Definition  
There are, however, noteworthy differences below the top two, and across the board in how the holdings got to be as large as they are, and also in the potential future stability of the positions we see.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Sweden admits it would have done more to lockdown ‘if we knew what we know today’  
‘There is quite obviously a potential for improvement in what we have done in Sweden,’ says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell
Seeking Alpha
· Trending Now: Treasury ETFs  
Short-term U.S. Treasuries have been a popular investment given the potential stability they can provide.
The Guardian
· Facebook data to show Australians' movement as they emerge from coronavirus lockdown  
Researchers hope the addition of Facebook de-identified movement data will give a better overview of people slowly returning to their regular travels as we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown period, and help identify any potential places where physical distancing may be an issue.
The Age
· From 'snake oil' to COVID-19 killer? Supplement tested in bid to fight virus  
A capsule containing pieces of dead bacteria sold as a health supplement in Europe will be tested as a potential preventative for COVID-19 in a large government-funded trial.
The Independent
· Former Manchester City defender Nedum Onuoha admits to ‘fear and distrust towards police’  
Onuoha is also aware of his behaviour in his new home and conscious of the potential ramifications should the police “read him wrong”.
The Guardian
· La Trobe University seeks lifeline from banks as seven institutions found to be at 'high financial risk'  
In the case of RMIT, the academics said: “This university will be one of the most financially challenged universities because of the potential fee losses.
The Age
· ASIC blasts ME Bank over 'conscious decision' to blindside customers  
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has revealed it is investigating ME Bank for potential breaches of the law after the bank's chief executive admitted customers were deliberately kept in the dark over changes to its redraw policy.
· Europe tries to reassure Russia over Libya arms embargo mission  
The ship ultimately did not dock in Tobruk after the vessel's owner and insurer became wary of potential sanctions, the specialist said.