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nuclear power La energía nuclear
political power Poder politico
power plant Planta de energía
power plants Plantas de energía
power station Central eléctrica

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The Guardian
· Cold comfort: climate may take decades to respond to carbon cuts  
Theoretically, it might have been possible to see the opposite, an increase in temperature because less sulphur dioxide was being pumped into the atmosphere from coal-fired power stations.
Washington Post
· Why Joe Biden won’t campaign on the Supreme Court  
That’s despite the fact that the Supreme Court not only touches on virtually every policy area, it is the bulwark of Republican minority rule — gutting the Voting Rights Act, rubber-stamping every GOP voter suppression effort, and ensuring that Republicans can retain power despite their inability to win the support of a majority of the public.
· Andrew Neil delivers warning shot to Sturgeon over constant independence demands  
The UK Government has sparked fury among the devolved administrations as Westminster plans to withhold power to control state aid when the Brexit transition ends.
Sports Illustrated
· Patrick Mahomes Enters Madden's 99 Club with the Game's Best Rating  
While Mahomes has excellent stats across the board, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is the game's only quarterback to have a maxed-out 99 rating specifically for throw power, putting him ahead of Mahomes, who has a 97.
Sports Illustrated
· Wherever Kindle Vildor Lines Up Bears See Possibilities  
The only negatives to Vildor might be the schedule he faced in college, which wasn't strong other than the occasional early season non-conference football power.
Sports Illustrated
· Meet the 11 New Additions to the Dodgers' Player Pool  
Prior to that season, the 6-foot-3 Mann worked with Craig Wallenbrock, the mentor of Dodgers hitting coach Robert Van Scoyoc, to add power, and Mann is one of many players on this list who seems likely to continue to benefit from the Dodgers’ progressive approach to developing hitters.
Seeking Alpha
· Understanding The Apparent Mismatch Between Current Economic Conditions And The Financial System  
The combination of financial and economic crisis, de facto Civil War and de facto major power war between the US and China is the symptomatic manifestation of an underlying fundamental, systemic paradigm shift in progress.
Washington Post
· Kara Lawson excited for chance to coach at Duke  
Lawson inherits a Duke program that hasn’t won a league title since the ACC added national powers Notre Dame (2013) and Louisville (2014) to what was already a top-flight conference.
The Guardian
· UK's expected U-turn on Huawei fails to satisfy Tory rebels  
They also want the prime minister to eventually go further and remove Chinese companies from their role in the UK’s nuclear programme, where state-owned China General Nuclear Power is a minority investor in the new build at Hinckley Point in Somerset behind France’s EDF.
Washington Post
· Rights group: Reporter jailed in Egypt dies from virus  
Since rising to power in 2013, general-turned-President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has intensified a clampdown on dissent, silencing critics and jailing thousands.