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prayer book Dua kitabı
prayer books Dua kitapları
prayer hall Dua salonu
prayer room Dua odası
prayer service Namaz servisi

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The Guardian
· The evolution of Extinction Rebellion  
She often holds prayer sessions before meetings.)
· Number Fever: The Pepsi Contest That Became a Deadly Fiasco  
The night of May 25, So murmured a prayer as the blue of the television shone in her children’s eyes.
· Lucifer season 5 theories: Fans uncover true meaning behind Lucifer's ring  
God is currently estranged from Lucifer and refuses to answer his prayers, although season five is rumoured to finally feature a reconciliation between the two.
The New York Times
· Disenchanted Seniors for Biden  
Voice cracking, she says the family gathered via video to say a prayer and say goodbye.
Sports Illustrated
· Mother of Indiana Freshman Brady Feeney Says Her Son Seriously 'Struggling with Virus''  
— Debbie Rucker, the mother of incoming Indiana freshman offensive lineman Brady Feeney, went to Facebook on Monday asking for prayers for her son, who is struggling mightily with the COVID-19 virus.
Sports Illustrated
· Robert Woodard II remains in NBA Draft, will not return to Mississippi State  
After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to remain in the 2020 NBA Draft.
The New York Times
· Bernaldina José Pedro, Repository of Indigenous Culture, Dies at 75  
Bernaldina José Pedro possessed a wealth of knowledge about the songs, dances, crafts, medicines and prayers of the Macuxi Indigenous people who live in northernmost Brazil.
Bleacher Report
· Jonathan Isaac After Injury: 'My Comeback Will Be Greater Than My Setback!!!!'  
Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.
Malay Mail
· Covid-19: Religious activities in targeted enhanced MCO areas in Kedah suspended  
Friday prayers at the mosques involved have been suspended and will be replaced with Zohor prayers while all religious activities including gatherings are not allowed.
The Daily Star
· Govt extends restrictions over Covid-19 till August 31  
Devotees could offer their prayers at mosques and other places of worship following the directives issued by the Religious Affairs Ministry.