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lay preacher Мирянин проповедник

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The Age
· Lock-down lunacy: How we stuffed it up  
A qualified guard (and part-time preacher) of Pacific Island descent was appointed security manager and the number of offences dropped markedly.
Al Jazeera
· Can Malian President Keita survive growing anti-gov't protests?  
Mobilised by Mahmoud Dicko, a charismatic and hugely influential preacher, tens of thousands of opposition supporters twice last month rallied in the capital, Bamako, to denounce corruption and the government's handling of a worsening security situation, as well as alleged electoral malpractices and the lack of judicial reform.
The Independent
· Mohiussunnath Chowdhury: Buckingham Palace sword attacker jailed for life for new terror plot after being released from prison  
“Motivated by dreams of martyrdom for the cause of Islam, and inspired by preachers of hate like the former al-Qaeda spokesman Anwar al-Awlaki, the defendant was keen to take part in an attack on a high-profile and very public target in the UK,” said prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC.
Al Jazeera
· Malawi president under fire for family appointments to cabinet  
A former evangelical preacher, Chakwera promised to tackle corruption on his election ticket.
The Independent
· ‘Meet wives and decorate main palace’: Jihadi wrote down plans for life in heaven after planned terror attack  
Chowdhury also viewed videos by Islamist preachers Anwar al-Awlaki and Sheikh Faisal, as well as Isis propaganda, while drawing up his plans.
Al Jazeera
· Kanye West to run for US president, no longer supports Trump  
His running mate will be Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, according to Forbes.
· The Supreme Court just stripped thousands of teachers of their civil rights  
As a general rule, religious institutions have total control over whom they employ as “ministers.” That means that if a church wants to fire its preacher because of that preacher’s race or gender, it may do so, even though such discrimination ordinarily is illegal.