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· FX's Jane Roe deathbed confession reveals the abortion lie at the heart of the religious right  
At a certain point in the film, the viewer may notice that McCorvey starts showing up in the company of Catholic priests as well as born-again evangelical preachers.
· Arbery case exemplifies abuse of 'stand your ground,' but the damage is broad and systemic  
Perry, the Brunswick area preacher and NAACP leader, said widespread denial about the racial realities of self-defense claims is part of what compelled him to stand in that meeting of Brunswick community leaders and speak.
The New York Times
· Run the Jewels Is Rewriting Rap’s Rules  
Killer Mike has the booming voice and moral authority of a preacher, while El-P is the wiseass who doesn’t miss a thing.
· Costa Rica legalises same-sex marriage in first for Central America  
Alvarado, a centrist, was elected to the presidency in April 2018 by comfortably seeing off a challenge from evangelical preacher Fabricio Alvarado, who campaigned against same-sex marriage.