Haberlerde Predecessor

Örnek kollokasyonlar

direct predecessor Doğrudan selefi
immediate predecessor Hemen önceki
predecessor of today Bugünün öncüsü

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Washington Post
· Trump’s defiant help for Stone adds to tumult in Washington  
By commuting Stone’s sentence, Trump evoked other controversial acts of clemency by his predecessors, though his was done in the height of an election year.
Washington Post
· Trump confidant Roger Stone leaped over thousands of inmates seeking clemency  
After more than three years in office, Trump’s six predecessors had acted on hundreds or thousands of petitions for clemency.
The Age
· 'Unprecedented, historic corruption': Trump's defiant help for Stone adds to tumult  
By commuting Stone's sentence, Trump evoked other controversial acts of clemency by his predecessors, though his was done in the height of an election year.
Sports Illustrated
· Patrick Mahomes will be the First QB in NFL History to Complete a 10-Year Contract  
Meanwhile, Mahomes will forever be known as the guy who elevated his team to the next level when his predecessors could never get them to the mountain top.
The Guardian
· Crawley hits 76 but England lose late wickets to give West Indies upper hand  
It may be that he looked all the more elegant given the contrast with his predecessors.
The Guardian
· Competent, likeable, decisive: Keir Starmer beating Boris Johnson on all counts  
On Monday Starmer will mark his first 100 days since succeeding Jeremy Corbyn, and he has made a far greater positive impact with the electorate than his predecessor did in his early days in charge.
Al Jazeera
· DR Congo Justice Minister Celestin Tunda resigns after dispute  
The disagreement over a proposal from Tunda's political allies to give the justice ministry more control over the judiciary highlighted strains in a fragile coalition government between President Felix Tshisekedi and his long-serving predecessor Joseph Kabila.
BBC Sport
· Ian Baraclough: Playing Euro play-off behind closed doors would be 'leveller'  
The recently appointed Northern Ireland boss is regarded as offering the continuity the Irish FA were looking for in seeking a replacement for ex-manager Michael O'Neill and Baraclough confirmed that he aims to build on the good work carried out by his predecessor, including continuing to implement the more attacking philosophy adopted in recent seasons.
Washington Post
· Biden forges brand of liberal populism to use against Trump  
They left Biden short of endorsing single-payer health insurance and the most aggressive timelines to achieve a carbon-neutral economy, but ratified his claims of a more progressive slate than his predecessors’.
· Winds of Winter update: Why has George RR Martin STILL not finished the book?  
The Winds of Winter has truly been a long time coming – in fact it has been a decade since its predecessor, A Dance of Dragons was published.