“Prepare” in the news

Example collocations

began to prepare
order to prepare
prepare students
time to prepare
used to prepare

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Questions remain over whether Huawei should help to build UK’s 5G network, says Lisa Nandy  
But as countries across the world begin to emerge from lockdowns and governments prepare to ease restrictions and rebuild economies, she believes a dangerous moment is on the horizon.
· The 'Lord of the Rings' Mordor meme happened because Sean Bean kept the script in his lap  
As seen in the GIF above, Bean's face is looking down at the crib notes in his lap as he prepares the beginning of his speech, setting the stage for the One Does Not Simply meme to take over the world.
· Into Delivering an Election  
If we expand vote by mail, do you get the sense that the postal service as it stands right now is prepared?
The New York Times
· ‘I Just Let Myself Go’: Igor Levit on Surviving a Satie Marathon  
Where do you even start with preparing for this?
The Age
· George Floyd riots LIVE updates: Minneapolis National Guard deployed as police officer charged with murder  
Police in riot gear prepare to advance on protesters, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Minneapolis.Credit:AP
Financial Express
· Studying smarter? How learning may change post-Covid lockdown  
For detecting pandemics such as Covid-19 using AI, or spreading awareness using a web-based dashboard, or identifying such outbreaks early on so that the world can be better prepared, all these efforts require huge engineering-related inputs.
The New York Times
· Hurricane Season Collides With the Coronavirus  
How can people who opt to stay at home adequately prepare?
· Canada to promote holidays at home because of COVID-19 border closures  
Francis made his comments, departing from a prepared script, at the first noon address from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square in three months as Italy's lockdown drew to an end.
The New York Times
· ‘Please, I Don’t Have Insurance’: Businesses Plead With Protesters  
On Saturday afternoon, Latino business owners in Minneapolis met in a parking lot to prepare for another night of unrest.