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military presence
physical presence
presence or absence
stage presence
strong presence

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Seeking Alpha
· Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) CEO Mike Gorenstein on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Outside of Cronos Israel’s direct operations, we have further committed to the region and have a strong presence from an R&D and analytical sciences perspective.
Seeking Alpha
· Activision Blizzard: Pricey But Still Attractive  
This deal was pivotal in changing the company from being a video game console company to one having a strong presence in the online PC gaming market.
Washington Post
· Man whose children say has bigoted views wins Missouri race  
The ADL Heartland said in a statement Wednesday, that “bigots have been a stronger presence in mainstream politics in the last few years.”
Seeking Alpha
· Beyond Meat: Continued Growth Against Strong Headwinds  
This has also resulted in a dramatic difference in performance between the U.S. and international markets as Beyond Meat is still establishing their retail presence internationally.
The Guardian
· Beirut blast timeline: what we know, and what we don't  
Lebanon’s public works minister Michel Najjar learns of the presence of the ammonium nitrate at the port from a report he receive’s from the country’s supreme defence council, he told Al Jazeera
Malay Mail
· Macron’s moment amid cheering crowds in devastated Beirut  
Some welcomed Macron like a saviour, while only a few heckled him, arguing that his mere presence in Lebanon would only serve to legitimise a political system they want to kick out wholesale.
· Eclipse first: Hubble makes historic observation of total lunar eclipse from space  
Hubble detected the fingerprint of ozone, a known indicator for the presence – and even evolution – of life as we know it.
Seeking Alpha
· Activision Blizzard: Blowout Quarter - Upside Remains Even Near All-Time Highs  
Combining motion capturing, voice acting, and many roles demanding workspace presence, if the virus disrupts the company's workflow operations, ATVI's future pipeline of titles may be adversely affected.
· Ellen DeGeneres's Safety Has Been Compromised—But What Does It Mean to Cancel Her?  
There’s no denying her very presence on our screens was positive.
Seeking Alpha
· Universal Health Services Will Meet Tomorrow's Healthcare Needs  
However, it’s highly unlikely that Universal Health Services’ revenue would go to zero given its diverse geographical presence and the essential nature of its operations in the current environment.