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atmospheric pressure
blood pressure
high pressure
low pressure
put pressure

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· China faces financial RUIN: Fresh COVID-19 outbreaks and severe flooding hit Beijing hard  
Zhao Qinghe, senior statistician at the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on Friday: “Small companies continue to face pressure on both supply and demand.
The Guardian
· 'My mother was ordered to leave the Netherlands. I cried non-stop'  
They pressure you to leave
Seeking Alpha
· Palladium Weekly: We Buy The Dips  
PALL has come under selling pressure since late July, reflecting some heavy resistance at $220 per share.
Washington Post
· Nuclear bailout tied to bribery scandal was years in making  
The question for state lawmakers who are under pressure to repeal the bailout is whether they’re willing to face another divisive debate — this time under the shadow of scandal — in order to find a new way to prop up the financially strapped nuclear plants.
Sports Illustrated
· Five Biggest Takeaways From the NBA's Re-Opening So Far  
Russ also poured in 31 against Dallas, Westbrook is putting so much pressure on defenses by relentlessly attacking the rim and not settling for threes.
· Rules on outdoor mask wearing in effect for parts of France hardest hit by Covid-19  
Pressure is growing on the government to mandate the use of masks outdoors nationwide.
The Age
· Victoria's move to a tougher lockdown is devastating but necessary  
The next six weeks are going to be a pressure test for the state’s economy.
Seeking Alpha
· Ruth's Hospitality Group: Time To Take A Bite For The Value In These Bones  
A weaker-than-expected rebound of the U.S. and global economy could pressure consumer income levels and limit organic growth opportunities for Ruth Chris.
The Economist
· Family: The battle over birth  
After two days of visceral, womb-wrenching contractions and a mounting pressure in her back that made her bum feel like it was about to explode, she retreated to the bathroom.